Saturday, May 21, 2011


This past week we looked at Joseph Turner's life and artworks.
I read from our regular Art History book which has beautiful big prints which the kids always like taking a peeky at :)

Once I read aloud from the book (which has only the basic info about the artist's life + work which i love!) I had the kids narrate back to me facts that they could remember. These I write on the whiteboard for each child and they filled out the FAMOUS ARTIST WORKSHEET which I made up for them a while back.

We looked at JOSEPH TURNER'S WORKS in Google Images and they took a turn at sketching one. Love their efforts; so cute.

The following day, I got out these pre-printed canvas boards that I'd bought a while back from a cheap store. Each one was about $5 each and they are really HUGE in size! Since Turner was a landscape artist, I thought this was the perfect time to let them have a crack at these ones.

Just starting...

Here's a close up of one of the works which already had light lines drawn on the canvas to help them out...

Mixing colours (talked about adding white to make colours lighter and black to darken them)...

Stass was really concentrating and getting into it...

And well Miss Zippi didn't want to miss out on any of the fun either!

What did she think? Just one word...."YAY!"

After her canvas, we did a butterfly painting and some hand prints...

My number one trick that I've learnt over the years is to tape down the newspaper over the bench spaces/tables and that way there is less chance of the newspapers moving around and flying off the tables!
While there was quite a bit of mess and juggling around between filling up water jars and paint lids spilling, etc, they really did have a fun time!

And here are the finished works!

Anyway, just thought I'd share about how we did art this week as a record for us and our homeschooling adventure that is life!

More soon,


Enid said...

BRAVO kids....we love them!

Traci said...

Hey Lusi, luv the art:) I've had my kids do some of their painting on canvas and hung them as art. I really love those paintings. I asked them to paint a specific picture with colors I chose (to go with the room they were going to hang in) and they turned out great. I still have some of corey's art hanging in my kitchen and he's 27 now, haha! Mom's just love their kid's stuff forever:)

Nice job kids!


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