Friday, May 20, 2011

100 Days to Go...

I had this post planned for yesterday but i didn't get around to posting it.
Firstly, thanks to all for your prayers regarding my back. It really meant alot to me.
Yesterday I could walk again with using the walking cane which was a great blessing.
I had to rest by the early evening but I managed to get through the whole day without unbearable pain! Praise Yah! Brett was such a great help too - thanks honey; could't do it without you!
I'm seeing the Chiropractor again today. By the time I got around to publishing this post tonight I can now add that I saw the Chiro today and he is very pleased with how my back is going. I also had the chance to sit with Donna while we both waited (our appointments were one after the other!) and have a great catch up chat!

So here's me at 100 days to go (almost 14 weeks left)...

And this one that I took earlier in the day...

Other than this sciatic pain, this pregnancy has gone really smoothly.
I saw the haematologist the other day (for readers who don't know - I had an aunto-immune blood disease of the platelets called ITP 5 years ago which resulted in my spleen being removed. I've had no signs of the ITP since! Praise Yah!) who was very happy with the way things are going right now with this pregnancy. So at this stage, my platelets need to remain above 100 for homebirth (they have not dropped under 300 in the past 5 years) so we are confident they will stay above that level all the way :)

My beautiful MIDWIFE HAZEL came along to the appoinment to advocate with me and it was so lovely to have her there for support! We had such a postitive consult with my haemo (who is lovely) and it was just  a great example of how caring for a woman in pregnancy should be; with hers and the baby's best interests at heart. Hazel also gave me the BEST massage last weekend when I couldn't walk to help relieve the pain in my back. You are such a GEM Hazel and I am so glad we get to walk this journey together!


Last weekend I attended Donna's Baby Celebration which was so beautiful. A real celebration of the love and life Yah has given Donna and her family as they joyfully anticipate the arrival of bubba number 4. Yehovah was really there in Spirit and in Truth and I cried as His Word was read out aloud and shared. I knew that many of these verses were speaking directly from Abba to Donna's heart which was such a precious experience. She had decorated everything so beautifully and there was lots of yummy food to share, people to meet, snaps to take (of our pregnant tums: Kathy, Donna and mine!) and there was beautiful time of prayer and sharing.
Here is a collage of some of the snaps I took of the afternoon...

Apart from still taking my Spatone Iron water, I've also been taking magesium + calcium sups. We've been trying to eat as healthily as is this weeks $40 fruit and veg box...such a blessing!

Donna also gave me as a lovely gift, some homemade pregnancy tea which is a blend of some yummy and very nutrious herbs like nettle, raspberry leaf, pepermint and lots of other good things! I take mine with  a good dollop of honey...

I'm reading through (flicking through!) a couple of books at the moment about gentle parent-settling, homebirth and a Good Food Magazine with lots of yummy recipes. I'm trying out quite a few new slow cooker recipes at present to kind of build my collection for when Bubba arrives. I think I'll be using my slow cooker quite a lot then!

Can't think of anything else to add right now except Shabbat Shalom and thanks for dropping by!
With love,


singing mama said...

Ah Lusi, you are so beautiful! Big hugs to you! Was so lovely to see you today and catch up!!! If you are around next Thursday, we are in your area early avo? The girls and I might pop in? Was so lovely to see how your bubba belly is growing!! I'm glad you like the tea, I really enjoy it too!! And I'm glad the chiro is working! I feel so much better since getting chiro! So hope your back just gets better and better!!!
Luv Donna

singing mama said...

Oh I forgot to say , Pamelas blog had heaps of slow cooker recipes and if you google slow cooker recipes there are heaps of aussie sites that have great recipes. I will look thru all mine and send you some :)
Luv Donna

Enid said...

girl I am glad you are felling better... I wish my husband could help you :) anyway you are so know I love the camara picture! hehehe

frills and spills said...

Praying all continues to go well for you and your precious baby!
Speaking of slow cooker recipes, I picked up a 4 pack of Sally Wise books for $14.95 at the post office a few weeks ago - good value considering the books are aroun $20-$25 each! A couple of them are about making and using your own jams & preserves etc and another is all slow cooker recipes. Some really nice ones in there - including lots of yummy soups which I've been making with the weather getting cooler. Let me know if you're interested but are unable to find them. I'm sure my local aussie post still has a few packs left.
Take care!
Love Jas xx

lusi said...

Hi Jas! Thanks so much for mentioning that mate; I'll call into the post office on Monday and see if i can find a pack :)
Hope you and the kiddos are doing well too!
Lots of love,
Lus x


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