Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passover 2011

 This year I must say that Passover really snuck up on me. I'm not sure why really but it just did. We were praying and thinking lots about it leading up to it but just hadn't really done much preparation. We had a lot going on here in the past month with my mum and dad being here and then leaving and then coming back again (which of course was lovely!) then of course it was Zippi's 2nd birthday the day before too. We had some other things going on too and so I guess my attention was just not on it as much as it normally is but all the same we were beginning to get excited! So on Friday night, I came out to the kitchen and saw Stass (9years old) had written the list of the special feasts (God's appointed times) on our kitchen blackboard. So sweet! She said how excited she felt leading up into the beginning of the season.

On Friday while praying, I got really inspired about what to 'do' for the night. We try and have something that is interactive for the family to remember. It's kind of a way to make things special for us as a family.

We started off the night with Brett going outside this year to the front door (normally we have the 'blood' over a door inside the house) and putting the 'cellophane' which symbolised the blood that the Israelites were to put on their door frames.

This was our first Passover as a Torah delighting family and it had even more meaning to us as we saw, for the first time, that this was an appointed time of our Creator that He gave as an instruction for His people for all time! We know that we are not in Israel and while we can't do things according to the Torah regarding the Passover, we can certainly have a crack at remembering and teaching our family about them. We can keep them to the best of our ability and there is so much joy and freedom in that!

This was also the first year that my parents had joined us for any feast at all! We were so thrilled to have them around for it.
And our dear friends Pam and Amanda and Rory also made it for their first Passover. We had met together in the week leading up to it to chat more about Yah's appointed times and to just search out the scriptures and see what they had to say about it. It was a really fruitful time.
Our beautiful friends who introduced us to the feasts some 4 years ago now, Heiko and Lori, also joined us with Lori's mum.
Here are some photos of everyone all dressed up!

Mum and I made some matzah - unleavened bread - (at the last minute mind you but at least it got made!!!)

and in the meantime, everyone mingled and chatted...

Dad cutting up the lamb...

the lamb, vegies, bitter herbs and unleavened bread...
Brett lovingly prepared our meal and it wasn't until afterwards that we read about 'only' eating the lamb, matzah and bitter herbs. We didn't realise that! Anyway, this is what we ate this year...

After Brett prayed for our night, we served ourselves...

...a yummy plate of food to help us remember. Remember what? Well we are remembering the Exodus story as Yah commanded for His people to do. We are teaching that to our children. We are also teaching them how Yeshua (Jesus) was foreshadowed through this feast! He is our Passover Lamb that takes away the sins of the world just like John the Baptist declared! Yah (God) gave us the symbols and told us what they reprepsented. More on this in a minute!

Fellowshipping over the meal...

I made each family a special booklet (I got the idea on friday, covered them Saturday night and then did most of the work in them on Sunday before the dinner! Not the best thing to be doing at the last minute but anyway, they got done and I think they were a nice little keepsake for each family).
They were some Mont Marte art books with the nice heavy card in them. Each family also got a pack of coloured pencils.
The idea with these was that each family would be able to colour in the pictures during the night. They also had the readings printed in them and lyrics to the worship songs. Inspired by a convo i'd had with our mate Jas, I also included the matzah recipe so each family could try to make their own over the coming week of the feast of unleavened bread.
It was a bit of work and to be honest, it's not something that people have to 'do' in order to 'keep' Passover, but it's kind of the way that Yah wired my brain - something crafty as a keepsake for others to look back over and be reminded of the special night.

Ok so here are the pics of each page. It's amazing to see how all the Biblical symbols for this amazing feast tie together!!! On one side was the Torah instruction that Israel was given (the 'old testament' significance if you like) and on the opposite page was the fulfilment of what Yeshua did for us (the 'new testament significance' i guess you could say).

On the front of the cover it had a foam 'P' for Passover and the year 2011.
The front page was blank. This was so that people could stick their nametag from their place setting at the table inside there. Each name tag had obviously the person's name and then 'Welcome to Passover 2011' on it.
Ok here's what was on the other pages....

I think you can click on the photos but in case you can't here's what each one said (oh and also some of the writing got cut off the top of the pages when I photocopied them)...

Page 1: Take a lamb without blemish or spot - Exodus 12:5
Page 2: Yeshua was the lamb of Elohim (God) without blemish or spot - 1 Peter 1:19

Page 3: Take a lamb on the 10th day of Nisan and let it stay for four days - Exodus 12:3
Page 4: Yeshua rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on the 10th day of Nisan and stayed for four days - John 12:12

Page 5: Put the blood of the lamb over the door frame so tha tthe 'destroyer' would pass over that house - Exodus 12:7
Page 6: Because of Yeshua's blood over our lives, we too are saved from the 'destroyer' and death - 1 Corinthians 5:7

Page 7: The Israelites were to eat the lamb with bitter herbs. It was to remind them of the bitterness of their time in slavery to Pharoah - Exodus 12:8
Page 8: Yeshua suffered bitterly for us. He freed us from the bitterness of our own slavery to sin - Galatians 5:1

Page 9: Israel was instructed to celebrate the Passover to remember that Yah saved them from a yoke of slavery and death - Exodus 12:14-28
Page 10: Yeshua celebrated Passover with his disciples and told them to 'do this in rememberance of him'. He saved us from a yoke of slavery to sin and death - Luke 22:7-21

Page 11: The Israelites were commanded to eat unleavened bread (matzah). Leaven is a biblical symbol of sin. - Exodus 12:18-20
Page 12: Yeshua is the bread of life unleavened bread; without sin.

Page 13: The lamb's bones were not the be broken. - Exodus 12:46
Page 14: Yeshua's bones were not broken - John 19:33-37

Page 15: The lamb was a male of the first year - Exodus 12:5
Page 16: Yeshua is the first born over all creation - Colossians 1:15  

After the colouring in sheets with these verses, was 3 pages of readings. Each had a person's name next to a passage. Our sons read aloud (the introduction) for the very first time which was special to have them be able to join in like that! When we first did Passover, Ethan was only 2 and there he was the other night, reading - so sweet.
Anyway, the passages we had people read from were:
Exodus 12:1-4
Exodus 12:5-9
Exodus 12:10-11
Exodus 12:12-14
Ezra 6:19-20
John 19:28-30
John 19:31-37
1 Corinthians 5:7-8
Luke 2:41-452
Leviticus 23:4-5

Here are some of the photos of people sharing their readings...

(just loved this one of Rory playing with some blocks while the readings were taking place...so sweet!)

and the munchkins colouring in while the readings were finishing up...

The other pages in the book were:
An activity - How many words can you make from the word PASSOVER?
Then there was the transliteration of the 'Our Father' called the Avinu Prayer by Andrew Hodkinson. The kids sang this as a little special presentation on the night. We had practiced the week before and they did a lovely job.(Oh and 'hi' to THIS LOVELY FAMILY that we began corresponding with last week as we stumbled across their beautiful rendition of the same song. Hope you guys had a wonderful Pesach!)
On the opposite page of the book was the words to the Avinu Prayer in English.

 We sang three worship songs together; the Passover Lamb song I wrote last year, a new song I wrote this year called 'I bow down' and MASON CLOVER'S SONG 'EL SHADDAI'. All the song lyrics were included in the book too. Heiko and Lori played along which was so lovely!

After worship, we all went back out to the family room and Brett cued up a portion for everyone to watch from THE ANIMATED 10 COMMANDMENTS FILM which we have on dvd (just including the youtube link in case people haven't seen it before).

While everyone was watching the dvd, mum and I dressed the pavolva for dessert...

Love this photo of Heiko and Lori with the kids (minus liji for some reason!)

After some more times of chatting and fellowship...

we cleared a space and did some Hebrew dancing which Lori + Heiko + Naomi taught us... 

even Zippi loved joining in!

It was a really lovely way to end a special evening....

We love that each year that we remember Passover, it is different - different people celebrating with us, different activities, different readings but still the same feeling; we are remembering how the mighty hand of Yah saved his people and delivered them from Pharoah and in the same way, his mighty hand delivers us, through the sacrifice of Yeshua as our Passover Lamb!

More to come soon,



Peterson Party said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Passover night! This year we observed it with my husband's family. We also make a big Feast for that night, not just lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs (though we have those too). I love your daughter's enthusiasm for the Holy Days. I have always loved them too. My parents always had special things/foods/activities/etc to help make every Feast day special! This year, within our little family, we have decided to not only teach our children the meanings of these holy days, but also to make special family memories. We're doing fun, local activities together (some new, some old favorites).

Enid said...

This is amazing, I love it! I love your big Huge table, what a blessing! Loe the dancing and that your parents where there too. You look beautiful too! :)

Traci said...

I love your Passover post. It looks like a wonderful evening with family and friends!!

Blessings, Traci

faelih said...

Your photo book is such a cool idea! I love how it pieces together the picture/feast with the fulfillment of it... so nice to see so easily laid out for the littles (and anyone really!)

lusi said...

Thanks friends! We had a great memorial and I hope you all did too!
Phyllis, the colouring books came about because my dear friend Lori who attends always asks where her colouring book is jokingly! And this way everyone could have a go and it was fun all round :)
Hope your families all shared a blessed time and are enjoying the celebrations of this feast of Unleavened Bread too.
Love Lus x

Stephanie said...

What a great post Lusi! Looks like an amazing evening you all had. Always enjoy your photos, ideas and passion!

Much love!!


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