Tuesday, December 7, 2010


From top to bottom right to left...

1. Zippi's favourite words at the moment: "A-Color-in?" She loves to do this especially with my dad and Stass too. She is nearly 20 months old and saying heaps of cute things. She's also very independent, determined and um....vocal (read hitting a difficult period!) ;)
2. Ethi rolling out fresh oats to make some choc-chip + oat cookies.
3. Liji learning how to siphon water from a container through a hose. My dad was here teaching him about it while we'd been talking about air and water pressure.
4. Brett did a great lesson on air pressure with the kids last week. They had heaps of fun and talked about our lungs. They did an experiment involving an empty milk carton and some hot water.
5. Stassi finishing off her wood work project (a wood work kit Aunty Kerry gave us ages ago that she painted up, glued together and strung up the wire with).
6. Liji having a great time making magnetic attraction chains.
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a long time reader, first time poster. LOVE your blog, it's so fresh and happy!

I was just wondering, where did you get your awesome oat roller from?? I WANT! :)

lusi said...

Hi there!
Thanks for reading!
The oat roller is from some lovely friends of ours who have their own online milling business. You can find their mills (including the oat roller) here:
Please tell them Lusi sent you!

We love our roller and love our fresh oats too (which i'm pretty sure they sell too!)

With love,
Lusi x


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