Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Other happenings from Around here...

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Nan helping Liji put his wooden robot kit together by following the assembly instructions correctly.
2. The girls doing some 'book work' together at the table.
3 + 4. Playdoh creations; Stass wanted to learn how to spell Torah and Yehovah.
5. Ethi working on his Farmer Boy (from the Little House on the Prairie series) lapbook.
6. Frittata muffins.
7. Liji helping bake Ethan's cake for the mother's group get together that we had yesterday arvo.
8. The finished cake.
9. Nanny helping Stass assemble her wooden drawer project that Dee had given her last week. She's painted it now and it looks lovely. 10. Brownie's made and munched on whilst talking Torah with my parents. Such a lovely time.
11. Ethi + I assembled another Lego craft together; cool blue car.
12. The boys took turns at making their spelling list words out of play doh.
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faelih said...

Well the food made my mouth water. ;). Question: How did you get the letters on the playdough formed so well? Is it a stencil, or are your kiddos just that gifted? (wow! if so!) ;). I love that idea for spelling!

lusi said...

lol! my kids are gifted but not that gifted!!!! lol :) :) :) They used some plastic cutters that i got from a discount store. Have you got ones like that in the states? If not, let me know! I'll see what I can do :)
Love Lus x

faelih said...

Hehe, I will definitely keep my eye out for some now! That is very useful! :).


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