Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just a lovely feeling...

Seeing all four sitting up at the table, doing stuff.

Often, Zippi leans over and draws on one of the other kids' sheets and then there are tears or raised voices that need to be dealt with. Lessons about grace + being kind + tender hearted.

Sometimes, they don't do their work like they are asked. Lessons about perserverance + patience.

Every now and then though, there are times like this where they are sitting there content and happy to be together, chatting and laughing and drawing and creating.
It makes me happy.

Just makes me happy.

More another time :)
Lus x
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Michelle said...

I agree! That is one of my favorite things about homeschooling ~ even through the lessons learned. *Ü*

kathy said...

Looks like happy times- memories to be treasured forever

Peterson Party said...

So sweet :)
It is a blessing to see our children learning (peacefully) together!

Anonymous said...

Your children are all adorable.

What a peaceful and happy photo this is of them all sitting at the table being creative together.

Have a wonderful week and keep safe.

From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo


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