Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unloveable? Feel like you're too bad? Angry? Hurting? Too tired to fight? this clip below, it's called 'Cardboard Testimony' and i hope it encourages you like it has me. The first side they hold up describes what life used to be like and the other side shows what life is like after they came to know Jesus.
No one is too unloveable for God to love, too broken for Him to mend, too hurt for Him to restore. He loved me when I thought I was too bad to be in His presence, He died for me I was still caught up in it all and He STILL drew me to Himself. I believe with all my heart that He loves you too. He says, "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest".
Love Lus x


Leanne said...

Gave me chills... Thanks Lusi, for sharing.

lusi said...

welcome mate.
love to you leanne!
God bless,
L x

Tara said...

Oh Lusi, this was so good for me to watch. Thank you so much for sharing. Has given me so much hope for people in my life where I thought the situation was almost beyond hope. Now... for me to have the courage to speak God's love.

lusi said...

Oh good Tara - praising God that it has given you hope and encouragement.
Love Lus x


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