Friday, December 18, 2009

Speaking of fun times, I reckon catching snails and taking them down to the lake to feed to the ducks and geese pretty much qualifiies.....

Lol :)
Bless you this weekend peeps :)
Lus x
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Karen L said...

Wow Lusi, look at all those snails. The kids look they are having fun. The stuff memories are made of. Love those photos - it actually looks like it is winter - and not the aweful heat we are having up here.

lusi said...

Lol Karen! Sure does feel like winter here today not like the sweltering days we've had here recently. Love to you mate,
L x

caz1975 said...

ooooh yucky, a bucketful of snails, sure it's fun for the kids though LOL

Tara said...

That is such a fantastic idea. My kids love snail hunting... but then I never know what to do with them.

Cayley may have a problem with the ducks eating them though as she loves them so much.

Might be worth a try...

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Lusi, where on earth did you manage to find so many snails??? It looks as if you had FUN!

Have a great weekend,

Peta said...

oh i wish i had popped on line earlier - I could have met you down the lake - mum lives in tat mist cloud behind Zippi's head LOL!

im home now - next time im coimg up I will contact you earlier :)
thanks for the supportive words :)
Feeling GREAT today - took the kids to the shops and they were sooo good and are now happierly playing with their new stuff :)

lusi said...

Lol Jillian!!! They were from our vegie patch of all places!!! Hope you are well and had a lovely weekend too.

And Peta... Next time! Sounds great and glad things are better too- praise god for that!!! Love lus xxx


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