Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Stuff we've been up to lately and other random things...

Baking some safe melting moments...
enjoying a couple of quick phone chats with my friend christie, who just quietly, rocks...(this was taken on the iphone when we went to terrigal a month back)... made some yummy white chocolate for a couple of families from mother's group as a small end of year thankyou gift (using Sweet William non dairy chocolate)... I also made some mini chocolate cups for our kids to sample and they loved them too...

On Sunday, Stassi pulled out two of her own teeth! What a champion hey :)

Also on Sunday we got to have some awesome hangtime with Loz and Heiko and Loz's gorgeous sis Helen (and her beautiful family too). Kids played on the HUGE tyre swing and went to the park fanging it down the massive hill on the mountain dog (which is kind of like a rip stik crossed between a four wheel skateboard).

These girls are such a blessing to me...

Mum presenting Stass with her trophy for completing her first course (mum is her teacher) and she was so excited to get her first trophy. How sweet are my parents coming up just to give her the last lesson and do the 'presentation' lol :) Stass felt very spesh...

Brett made a delish pot of pumpkin soup the other night...

just as this whopper of a storm was rolling in...(not edited this one bit - no darkening, this is how it was)

and last night i whipped up some spring rolls for the fam but man we so have to use two lots of pastry sheets - 24 for 5 of us just isn't enough anymore! So glad the kids love them.

The dipping sauce which is from the RPA Friendly Food's book is so yummy and they each get their own little dragonfly saucer to dip from. Everytime we eat spring rolls, this is how it is served. I love these little tea time traditions. Kind of cements the importance of family togetherness just that little bit more each time. You can read another post i wrote a while back about traditions (actually this one was about the pumpkin bowls and yep the other night when we had our pumpkin soup the kids could be heard saying, 'yessssss! we get to use the pumpkin bowls tonight!!!! so cute!) HERE'S THE LINK ABOUT TRADITIONS. (just to add to the old post - I'm not saying of course that kids won't go their own way anyway - of course they can but i think giving them a chance to have a family identity first and foremost is really crucuial...just my two cents worth).

Other things:

* Could you please be praying for Georgie Brooke and her family? I've spoken about this incredible girl and her amazing family over the past couple of years. Please pray that the pnuemonia will completley go. They have been an incredible witness to many around them because their faith in God is so real - even when they are 'walking through the valley of the shadow of death' (psalm 23) they know that God is with them and is leading the way. Please join with us in continuing to approach the throne of grace with confidence that they may 'receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need' (Hebrews 4:14-16).
Can't remember if i've already blogged any of these things but anyway, for the record...

* Zippi is 8 and a bits months old and moving around so much - i am remembering why i used to have to vacuum the floor so often now. She loves her stand up (non moveable) rocker thingy. She jumps up and down in it and thinks it is so cool. She eats a gazillion different fruits and vegetables, meat and breads and i think her faves right now are avocado + bananas. She loves gumming on celery sticks too as a rusk.

* Ethi has been doing alot more independent building of tracks and things. His emotional outbursts are slowly coming back under control. He wants to help out alot with Zippi which is so lovely and told me just this morning that i looked 'so beautiful' in my nightie. What a sweetheart. He enjoys playing PICTUREKA and Uno at the moment and being a quality-time love-language kid, he really loves his snuggles, stories and anything one-on-one. Bought these little kits from Go Lo the other day - great with a big plastic threading needle and the kids enjoyed making these little felt hand puppets. They are only half finished as the kit didn't include enough wool (so have to go colour match at the wool shop soon). This one is Stass' but I was so impressed with the boys' efforts and not giving up!

* Liji too has been better at handling the outbursts this week - praise God for a break from the meltdowns. He got Zippi up this morning to 'change her nappy' lol but couldn't work out how to put the nappy back on!!! i saw his heart was to help (and maybe i would have reacted differently if the nappy had been a 'dirty' one - or maybe i just won't think about that!) He did so well to be at a whole term of kids club (at church) without one of us being there and feels very safe and secure with our church family helpers. Such a blessing to see him thriving like this.

* Stass is a beautiful daughter. I feel like this year our bond has strengthened and we've been growing closer and closer...such a blessing to reflect and look back on how things have changed so drastically in 12 months. Her hunger for the Word of God and her ability to recall it is incredible. We are both amazed by the stories she tells us or how something relates to scripture. Praising God and asking Him to continue to grow that hunger in her, that she will grow to use that to proclaim the Good News to others. She has a heart to help others, look after littlies (especially Zipporah) although she and Liji sometimes clash and that can be hard on both of them (and us!) She's currently reading 'On the Banks of Plum Creek' by Laura Ingalls Wilder by herself.

* Brett is working hard (as always) and we've been working through some things together; some hard things, some things not as hard. A marriage should be like that i think - weeding through, sowing in, blossoming. He's just made the squad to play at State League basketball level again which will be his 5th season playing. Congrats honey!
* Me...just enjoying the end-of-year wind down and i usually take the chance at this time of year to clean out my pantries, take stock, update the calendar for next year, tie up loose ends and get pray about the coming year. Also a great chance to reflect and give thanks for the year that has passed and how God has been here through it all with us. I have a homeschooling review photo book that I made through Snapfish arriving soon, have made some new choices about my health and am enjoying being at home.

10 things I am thankful for today:

1.Freedom in Christ - "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!" Galatians 5:1

2. Bananas

3. An excellent shopping trip with the kids yesterday. What a blessing (and makes you even more grateful since its not always like that!)

4. The dislocated nerve in my elbow has healed really quickly and didn't need any intervention

5. Celebrating another birthday with our very special and beautiful friend Pam

6. Catch up chats with my gorgeous and sweet friends Nat, Mel and Christie

7. My sis landing safely yesterday

8. Getting to catch up with Anth in a couple of days

9. Liji sharing last night at the dinner table that he 'when I grow up I want to go and live in Africa and help the children there, giving them food. I'm gonna take my Bible and share with em about Jesus too". To have faith like a child - so pure, so hungry, so ready to serve Him.

10. My friends and family

Well more another time.
Loads of love,
Lus x


Mel said...

Love you!!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Praise God for all of your blessings - thank you for sharing. :)


lusi said...

Love you too my Mel!!!

And God bless you Jillian and praise Him indeed for His amazing blessings!

Love L x

Brigitte G. said...

You've got such a beaudiful family Lusi, and Stass has grown up sooo much !!
and those yummy recipes of yours,ohhh i want to try them !!!
Zippi is such a gorgeous little one too :)
Thinking of you and you have a fantastic New year with your family Lus !!


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