Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amidst the Muddle...

Lately, I've been wanting to simplify stuff in my life. It feels sometimes like things just pile up and pile up and you can't really get on top of it all! Arrgh! Anyone else ever feel like that? Like if I only had a spare, hmmm, let's say, 2 weeks to just get on top of every little thing that is running around in my head, THEN it would be ok! lol :) That's not likely to happen. So I guess what I've been doing is breaking things down into VERY small jobs + trying to at least get them done. Like I need to do a fair bit of organising with homeschooling stuff, I would LOVE to sew up a whole heap of presents that I want to send off to friends who've just had bubbas, I so desire to have a more whole-foods kind of approach to our eating (although our diet makes it pretty tough), i'm just the kind of girl that gets ideas in her head + then can get frustrated if they don't actually materialise. Having to work my way through this one in the current state of our life, is a challenge but it certainly is one I accept!
So amidst of the muddle, I choose to share some of the things that cheer my heart wholeheartedly right now...

a quick self-timer shot last night before bed of our fam after our family read-a-loud :)

some scones for mornos today (thanks Kaz for the inspiration)...

to go with some stewed red delicious apples (that had gone a bit funky otherwise)...

changing our beautiful bubba this morning was a real delight for me + stass cause she gave like a million of these...

and obviously ADORES big sis...

who LOVES changing her, holding her, chatting with her, singing to her, cuddling her, rocking her, anything-her :) ....

ain't she somethin? we think she's pretty spiffy :) lol :)

and that hair? yep pretty cool if you ask us and all natural to boot :)

Well, off to do some stuff like finish making dinner (shepherd's pie) + doing some more procrastinating, ahem I mean more organising ;)
Oh + last night I was thankful for the red grapes. This morning, not so thankful that I didn't put the leftover ones away + that Liji got up + ate them :( Not thankful since they are a VERY high salicylate + that he was later on the toilet by about 11am (although like Sumi pointed out -thanks mate- could have been the fact that it was fruit anyway) + his behaviour/ability to concentrate/comply with instructions was noticeably affected in a not-so-good way at all today. Hmm me thinks the diet is really working.

5 things I thank the Lord for today:
1. Brett helping with the read-a-loud when I am tired/feeding/not so bothered. Makes me thankful for his willing heart :)
2. Chatting with my very real friend Sumi :)
3. Liji actually *getting* his first lesson on place value
4. LEM phonics that it is going well so far + the kids are really enjoying it (thanks again Reb for suggesting it)
5. Zippi settling really well today for day sleeps

Love + blessings,


Jasmine said...

Totally "get" where you're coming from. I get rid of lots of stuff and everything stays organised for a while - well until the stuff starts piling up again. Where does it all come from??? I'd love a couple of weeks - hey even a couple of days - to focus on purging & reorganising. But life just doesn't allow for it. So, like you said, tackling it all as smaller jobs is achieveable and works well.

Love the family pics :)

Our school uses LEM phonics too - I'm amazed at how quickly all the kids have taken to reading as a result. It's a great program :)

Enjoy your blog break :)
Love Jas xx

Nat said...

I hear you about needing to simplify... that will be my aim for the next few weeks too...
Keep me posted with phone calls then ok!!
Love you so much!

Sumara said...

Zippi is so adorable! And Stass is such an awesome big sister! Isn't it fabulous watching them be the big sister, with all that love and affection and pride in such a small person? I love it.

Ooh those scones look good. Did you just use marg instead of butter, or is there a trick? Mmm I think I need to make some.

I love it when you call me, darling Lusiana! Even if I am hopeless at conversation and can never quite think of what to say.... but like you say yourself, I am real! lol. Will never be anything else!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Zippi is such a beautiful baby, and those smiles are enough to melt anyone's ♥. Her hair is gorgeous, and she has so much of it, my husband would be envious - nah, not really.
Hope that you enjoy your time away from the blogosphere.

miss~nance said...


Gail XXX

caz1975 said...

Gotta say I love Zippy's hair, so adorable :-) As for getting organised, well I'm a bit of an obsessive neat freak, so I am trying to allow for a little more chaos, would be great if we could meet somewhere in the middle with that LOL

Sarah said...

Hey Lusi

Zips hair is fantastic and its so cute to see your girls together like that. I had a question if you don't mind, Is Liji able to eat apples? because they were one of the fruits that another mother said we should cut out but they are Eli's favorite food.

lusi said...

Hey everyone, thanks stopping by + for your comments :)
Sumi - here's my big secret - i use the 'Anchor' brand (actually they may even be called Anchor Lion or something like that) which only calls for milk (of course we use lactose free milk) How's that for a simple whip up? lol :) I do make normal scones from scratch too but when I have a box of these in the pantry we use them! xox
Carolyn - have been there too in the past but I think chaos is much more normal around here these days although we still 'reset' the house most nights together. Makes it easier to start the day. Gradually getting there! lol :) Hope all is well for you.
Sarah - Hi :) Golden delicious (peeled) or red delicious (peeled) are the only apples we allow. They are moderate in salicylates. We used to allow one once a week, then every third or second day. Now we've just gone to one a day + the kids seem to be fine at the moment with that. We don't allow them to have apple juice at this stage - we stick to Golburn Valley pear juice for now (some on the failsafe diet couldn't have this but our kids are fine with it + its been a nice treat to have maybe once a week or so). Hope that helps :)
Love to you all,
Lus x

Kaz said...

Oh too....the trouble is, I had 2 weeks of and barely made a dent in it gets in the way.....but how wonderful is it that we have life to get in our way. I often ponder how organised and neat the house was and how much time I had on my hands - before kids!!! Now I dont think I will get all that back for a long long time, but I feel truly blessed that my life is chaotic because of my kids :). Still I would like some organisation and I dont know who keeps messing up this office (im sure it was tidy last night lol)...its never ending.

Goodluck with it all. If you come up with anything miraculous...PLEASE share this with me.

Much love, oh and glad I inspired you to make scones. :)

Kaz :)

Loved the B&W pic of Zippi - sooo cute.

Brigitte G. said...

Heyyyy Beaudiful Lusi !!
so loooong time i haven't been visiting you here !!
and oh my goshhh Zipporah is such a gooooorgeous girl and looks more andmore like Stassi !! woww so good to see more pics of her (well...since we always seems to miss you:(

Anyway, all the best, we can't always do things we plan but we have to make the most of everything as well in between :)

Cheers Beaudiful girl !!!

nicol said...
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