Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I was up through the night with vomitting and a very queasy uneasy stomach. This morning when I awoke, I felt better but very weak.

Enter Elijah.

Elijah: Mum, I'm just going to use your toilet cause Stass is on the other one.
Me: No worries mate.

Enter Ethan.

Ethan: Mornin mum!
Me: Hi matey.
Ethan: Mum, come see what I made.
Me: Oh I will soon mate but mum's not really well at the moment.

Elijah (from the ensuite): Why what's wrong mum?
Me: Oh i think i had a bit of a vomitting bug in the night.
Elijah: Ethan - pray for mum.

Ethan moves to the bed and lays hands on my shoulder.
Ethan: Dear Jesus, please make mum better now and stop her from vomitting. In Jesus name. Amen.

Me: Thanks boys :)

And within an hour, queasy uneasy stomach had completely vanished. Praise you Lord!

5 things to be thankful for today:

1. The compassionate, kind & prayerful hearts of my kids
2. The Lord's amazing healing and the way you listen to our prayers Lord!
3. Catch up chat with Clair Evo :)
4. Brett making me a sweet weak black tea before he went to work and ringing from work just to check on how I am
5. Having the great joy of being here with the kids today being looked after and watching Joseph, reading and snuggling on the lounge all together.

Hope you are well :)
Love Lus x


Karen L said...

Ah Lusi how precious are your kids. Can sympathise with you re the vomitting - both Steve and I got it at the same time on Monday night (well early hours of Tuesday morning)

Jodi said...

Oh how precious and genuinely beautiful it is when children show an understanding and a wanting to ask God into their lives on a day to day basis. God Bless your boys Lus. Thanks for sharing. xxx

Tara said...

That is just so sweet.

Hope you're feeling better. xx

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous lusi. You are soooo blessed.

Hope the vomiting leaves the household.

Much love to you my friend.

Kaz :)

Jasmine said...

That's beautiful :)

Jas xx

Melissa Kennedy said...

if only we all had the faith of a little child
Hope you feel better soon

lusi said...

Thanks to you all for your beautiful comments and well wishes. I am 100% better without any evidence of having been sick/not feeling right! God is so good!
Love to you all,
Lus x


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