Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some More Basic Sewing...

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I found these gorgeous little felt needle holders over on Mel Goodsell's BLOG the other day so I played around a little with one above using Mel's tutorial. I used a chipboard piece and traced around that for the butterfly.
And another little skirt for Stass made of cheesecloth this time (material offcut again from the opshop) with some lace trim.
We also had a wonderful family photo shoot with the incredibly wonderful MELL MALLIN today and I can't wait to see the photos!!! Mell was not only understanding and laid back but more than happy to improvise with any particular tummy/whatever shots we wanted. Thanks hun we had a great time!
And guess what? We sewed up our broken lounge today! Seriously can not believe how well it turned out. Brett and I worked on it together - he holding fabric and working out where the pins should go, me pinning myself (lol!) and sewing it up. It was brand new only 3 years ago but unfortunately, little feet (and single stitching on fabric in the first place doesn't help!) sticking underneath the middle rows have pushed it all apart. We were devestated recently when we realised the extent of the tears and so Brett suggested we just go ahead and have a crack at fixing it ourselves! A couple of solid hours work, pin cushioned fingers and many stitches later, we have a new looking lounge! Brett actually commented that he thinks it looks better than when we bought it -bless him! lol :)
5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:
1. God's loving hand that shows what He wants to do in my life, what He wants to change in me and how He wants to lovingly mould and shape me.
2. The new sewing machine and being able to fix our lounge!
3. Fellowship at church with our other 'family'
4. Mell Mallin :)
5. The air conditioner that our very kind landlords put in a couple of years ago. Man how we appreciate it (and THEM!) on days like today :)

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