Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

Stassi turns 7 in the morning (on the 7th) and we are so thankful for this gorgeous little girl. She has grown up so quickly and I just love being around her. Especially lately. She is so kind and compassionate, she loves to help me around the house and has such a great sense of humour. This last year she has become a great joke teller and can remember jokes really well (unlike her mother!) She has also developed a love for cooking and is a real little artist; she cuts up tiny pieces of paper and stickers and patterns and things just because she likes to collect and create. She has really developed a love for God's Word and is often the first to offer to pray for someone. Her heart is easily moved to compassion when she hears of someone in the community or even overseas who might be doing it tough for some reason and she prays for them without being prompted. Stassi is enjoying learning Spanish and loves to read.

With being pregnant with another little princess, it reminds me just how quickly time passes. Stass made her way into the world at 35 weeks spontaneously and after a 4 hour and 7 min labour she was born! Born with positional talipes, a condition where her toes touched her shin when she flexed, she had lots of physio and many plaster casts in the first months of her life. She spoke at 9 months and walked at 15 months and grew from strength to strength (and continues to do so!!!)

Stass, we love you darling and are just so proud of the beautiful princess that you are now and the little woman of God you are becoming. Keep close to Him honey and you'll always find your way in life.
Love you always our angel,
Mum and Dad xox
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Marie said...

happy birthday Stassi

Chrissy said...

BIG happy birthday hugs to you Miss Stassi!!!

Love Chrissy x

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday hugs to you too Stassi.
How blessed you are Lusi to have such a beautiful princess in your lives. Praying that she will continue to grow to serve her KING.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stassi. Hope you have a fantastic day.

From Nadia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stassi. Hip Hooray to you on your special day.
Love Kaz :)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Stassi. What a big girl you are now :)


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