Thursday, January 8, 2009

Family Party Day 2008

Which was actually held in 2009! lOl :) We had to choose a day where Brett was home and no one else was here - so we went for Brett's RDO this past Monday and we all enjoyed it very much :)

This year the kids decided that the theme would be 'love' and the symbol would be 'love hearts' (of course!). So here are some of the things we did:

* Before FPD, the kids and I cut out lots of love heart shapes and i made a couple of banners to hang up around the house out of these.

* Also before FPD, Stassi drew some really large red hearts and the boys cut them out. I made a card for each family member out of these which was at their placesetting that night at dinner. Inside the card read: Dear......We are so glad you are a part of our family and thank God for you! You are special and we love you! Love Mum, Dad and the kids.

* We started the day by wrapping safe white marshmallows in foil before brekky. These were for our treasure hunt later in the day. I also gave the kids a brown paper bag which they decorated themselves. This was also for the treasure hunt to pop their wrapped marshies in once they found them :)

* While the kids ate breakfast, Brett read out the 'love chapter' from 1 Corinthians 13.

* Then the kids dressed themselves in their favourite party outfits.

* We had family devotions/Bible time/memory verses and then

* launched into the Family Trivia board game which I made. I am really happy with the way it turned out and will share more step by step photos later on this in case you want to make one for your family. I was completely inspired by Leah Latham's family trivia board game which was in a very old edition of Scrapbooking Memories (will reference later) so am very grateful to Leah for the inspiration!

* A beautiful couple from our church gave our family a pass to the kids playland up here and we decided we would use it on FPD but didn't tell the kids till we got there - they were excited out of their skins! lol :)

* Brett and I played Triominoes while we watched the kids on the equipment and enjoyed our free cuppa! I love Triominoes and as it turns out - so does Stass - and she's really great at it too :) A new fun homeschooling game I think!

* After a 2 hour play on the equipment, the kids enjoyed shooting hoops with Brett for a little while.

* When we arrived home, we cut out love heart shapes from our bread and the kids spread their own.

* After 'silent time' (the kids regular resting hour in the arvo) we all went up to the pool and had a blast! Ethi didn't use the kickboard (for the first time!) and Stassi and Liji both had diving lessons from Brett and did so well! We are so incredibly proud of all of them :)

* Brett cooked a delicious bbq for dinner when we returned home (including bbq'd beetroot wedges, safe snags and chops for us) and the kids enjoyed a moderately safe salad with mangoes, carrots, beans, lettuce and eggs.

* Over dinner, I pulled out the heartshaped box with relection questions in it. We each took turns in answering these. An example was, 'What was something you prayed for in 2008, and saw God answer?' or 'who are some of the friends you made this past year?' 'Can you name 3 safe yummy foods you enjoy?' etc. I always write down the kids' answers (and ours) so that we can look back over these reflections in years to come.

* We watched a slideshow of fave photos from 2008 and then had a time of prayer thanking God for things that we had been blessed with last year.

* We finished the night off with the treasure hunt and

* Then watching Stuart Little 3 as a family.

We really look forward to this little celebration each year.


Sal :-) said...

Lus that sounds like a perfect night :-)

We just bought 52 Family Time Ideas by Timothy Smith and it has an activity for "Family Days" etc. So looking forward to doing that with the kids this year.

And the garden looks great!! We too are having to cut out all numbers in Holly's diet.

miss~nance said...

WOW Lusi that sounds like the best jamm packed day of family fun.

BTW if you have time pop over to Hyalee's blog - she's in Kenya and updates most days.

Lotsa Love



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