Friday, December 5, 2008

4th birthday memories and birthday traditions in our family

Here are a few snaps of Ethi on his special day.
1. Our birthday tradition- first thing in the morning before breakfast, the birthday person gets pressies, cards and cuddles (see photo2!) in bed

2. Birthday cuddles with daddy

3. The 'safe' preschool cake; lactose free, nut trace free and fairly low chemical. It does contain 320 but for the sake of a quick cake it works well! It is the Coles Smart Buy 65cent butter cake mix but contains no dairy at all! I did this one in the microwave in a plastic cake tin thingy for 10 mins. The icing uses Nuttelex butter (dairy free), lactose free milk and chocolate Quik which does not contain nasties for us. Yay! Preschool cake was done and there was a very happy birthday boy :)

4. Another tradition is to put up all the birthday cards on top of the wall unit in the lounge room

5. One of the favourite birthday traditions is that the birthday girl/boy gets to choose what the family meal will be on their birthday night. Ethi went through the 'safe' cookbook and chose roast beef and vegies. I cooked the beef and Brett did all the yummy vegies. The hilarious thing was though that when it came time to serve up, Ethi didn't want any roast meat even though it was his pick! lol :)

6. We always see our families (the grandparents/aunty) on the child's birthday

7. Usually we have the other kids play the harmonicas with my dad while we all sing happy birthday to the birthday person

8. Blowing out the candles has to be done in the dark! Then of course the candles are all relit at least once so that the other kids can blow them out too!

L x


Leanne said...

Aaawww! Birthday traditions are so much fun!

Hope you are having a great day!

Sumara said...

Happy big number 4 Ethi! He's FOUR Lus! But he'll be a big brother soon and then he'll seem even bigger!

I wish my kids would choose roast beef. It's never anything but spaghetti bolognaise around here. At least they eat it I suppose!


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