Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I actually really miss blogging.
I don't have time right now in this incredibly busy season but I just wanted to record here that today, I really miss it.
Another time.
Hope my blogging friends are well.
Love Lus x


Karen L said...

We miss you blogging too Lusi, but it is a busy season of your life. We have just been through it with our daughter moving into her first home and she is not doing it with five treasured munchkins....All the best for the big move, and we will look forward to reading all about it when we are a little more settled.

Elisha said...

Dont give up Blogging Lusi, even if its only really from time to time that you have time to blog, im sure there is lots of ppl reading your blog and interested what is happening in your life, and your family life..

Enjoy the sabbath.. one of these days we'll get up there to spend it with you or out at your new home..

Stace said...

Love reading your blog Lusi! Cant wait for more to come!! xx Hope all is well!! <3

Peterson Party said...

I miss reading your blog...but thankful that I can keep up with you through Facebook :)

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Missing you here!!!

Karen L said...

So missing your blog posts Lusi... Glad to see and hear that you are finally settled into your very own home.

Elisha said...

Come back Lusi - we miss your entries/updates..


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