Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our last Adventure in the Austinmobile

Thank you to everyone who left messages of support and encouragement on the last post.
Sorry I didn't get to reply personally but I read each one and was very touched by them all.
Thank you.
Since my last post, we've had quite a sick household. I had bronchitis and almost everyone (except Brett and Liji) had a bad viral infection which lasted for about 2.5 weeks.
Zippi had blocked ears that had to get flushed out.
We've knocked over a HEAP of things that we've been wanting to get done that take time and energy to knock over. Anyway, we've done heaps of them and are happy about that.
And we said goodbye to our hail damaged van :(
We've been without a car for 3 weeks now and knew we would be for a while so the day before we had to hand the car back in, we decided to take the opportunity to go and have one last adventure in our Austinmobile!
We decided, since the water was spilling over the gate for the first time in I think 14 years, we would go and check out one of my most favourite childhood haunts; Warragamba Dam!

So here are some random photos of Team Austin's last Adventure in the Austinmobile (like alliteration much?)!


{When we were kids, my sisters and bro and I would roll down the grassy knoll which you can see in the photo above. It's now gone and has made way for a new auxillary spillway}

{In the Visitor's Centre}

{They had great activities set up for kids like these puzzles made from pictures of the dam area}
{Liji loved looking at the nature cupboard - in our new place instead of having a nature table or nature box as we have had in the past, I'm thinking of a nature cupboard - with lock lol- like this might be perfect!}

{Ethi loved colouring with the embossed template stencils}

{actually, they all did!}

{The view from the back of the visitor's centre}

 The adventure was complete with a stop off at Red Rooster for lunch and a lovely drive home. We will always remain thankful to Yah that we never had an accident, break in or any other mechanical drama with that van. He was very good to provide us with it for as long as He did.
We've had many good family times in it and look forward to many more in another family vehicle when we get one.

I've got more posts to come of other things we've been up to but will post them whenever I get a second to.
In the meantime, hope life at your place is going well!

L x

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Lusi, thanks for sharing. You have been on my mind the last few days. I'm sorry to hear most of you were sick. Hope you're all on the road to recovery. How is the new house going ? Take care, Nadia xxx


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