Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hmmmm Where to Start?

I really think our fight or flight instincts are very strong.
What a gift from Yah!
Mine have kicked into hyper-drive once again.
This has happened a number of times in our when I was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura, when I had to have a splenectomy, when Liji was diagnosed with Autism and when I needed to become very well organised in order to homeschool/homebirth/live life to its full!
Breathing in and breathing out :)
I think when I look back over the years and see that things have needed to change or whatever, I've always had a couple of days where I need to let the shock of things hit me and then I need to get on with the tasks at hand. I become an advocate. I arm myself with as much information as I can. I try to get plans in place. I do as much research as I can. I learn. I make mistakes and waste time over menial tasks and then I regroup and get back to the bigger picture so that we can press on and move forward in a victorious way!
It's happening again.
The lists are now out in full and include things like:
* meet with new psychologist (tick...she was AWESOME!)
* complete homework she gave us
* cull some toys of the kids' to take away a trigger and re-label boxes to aid them in their pack-up
* visit with the naturopath (tick....she was AWESOME too!)
* chase up past pathology results
* get 10 referrals (not kidding) for me and the 4 older kids to have our guts assessed
* regularly give probiotics until we get to the bottom of the gut issues
* keep food diaries for 6 days
* research food detective finger prick testing and make sure it's what we want then book that in for 5 of us
* Emails regarding Zippi's trial for the new application programme (thanks to a special someone- you know who you are for offering us the position - not sure if I'm allowed/should mention it here or not so will just kind of do it incognito!)
* Chase OT!
* Check if I need to get an OT assessment referral written up by GP prior to ASD assessment. Can it wait until afterwards?
* Make another appt with psychologist
* Make another appointment with naturopath once I know dr has printed out pathology results and the referrals are done and ready for pick up
Obviously, I'm not going to write down all the boring details of things I have to do...there are plenty to list. But I did want to record them for my own records here (i have them written down in my to do list book!) so I can remember what a full-on 'fighting' season this is.
I need to fight for my family.
I think it's actually really cathartic to have things to do!
I am remembering to just 'be' too and have some lovely girly times with friends booked in this weekend and am looking forward to taking times out when needed.
I know first hand that Yah will not see us stranded in this season. He NEVER has before and I know He'll get us through again.
He has already provided in AMAZING ways that leave me open-mouthed and feeling in awe!
"As for me and my household, we will serve Yehovah!"
- Joshua 24:15


More another time,
Lus x

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The Heaton Family said...

that is quite a list! You do such great things for your family. What an amazing woman you are!


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