Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hail Storm

Ah Summer....we haven't seen much of it this season but we did get a couple of good days in where we put on the hose for the kiddos and they dried off in the sun.

Here are some photos from last month...


And now here's what it looked like at our place YESTERDAY!

{our whole backyard was covered with hail!}

Um....the biggest hail storm I have EVER witnessed!
Some stones were the size of golf balls!

{When there was a break in the storm, I had to go out and scrape it away from the front of the garage so that when it melted it didn't flood it out}

The kids were quite frightened during the first part. Zippi slept through the whole shabang but Zeeki was howling poor darling and so were the older ones. I sang a song we wrote of the whole of Psalm 121...."I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from?..." and Liji stopped crying and asked me to sing it again. I huddled around with them (Brett was in Sydney for the day!) and His Word honestly brought us much comfort! We can count on Him and His Promises always!!!

{When Zippi awoke, they watched the 'river', which was our road, from the safety of my bedroom window}

Zeeki in his first hailstorm aftermath! and hopefully his last to that extent!!!

{It was the weirdest feeling because it was actually quite warm....not like when it snows!}

Once the thunder and lightning stopped, the kids spent about 2 hours outside just playing with it!
First they pretended they were the Ingalls family (from Little House) who had to clear a path for Pa and then they were the Bennett's (from Pride and Prejudice).

{They made snow castles}

...we saved Liji's avocado plant out the back while the others noted that the remainder of our spinach was "smashed to pieces mum!"

{Along with the hail there was alot of heavy rain too!}

And there were  snow hail fights!!!!

Oh yeah....and then there was a bit to clean up!
But only after some hot chocolates of course! lol
What an adventure!
It was frightening and fun all at once.
Our car had quite a bit of damage to the roof.
Our neighbours lost their patio roof.
Smashed to smitherines!
But we are all safe and well and that is worthy of praise to Yah!

I have so much more to share and will be catching up on here in the coming days (hopefully!)

Well, more another time.
Hope you remain safe too if you are near any wild weather!
Lusi x


singing mama said...

Wow that's amazing Lusi!! It looks so beautiful and fun but then knowing it was also so damaging :( yes Yah is our fortress and ever present help in all trouble!!! Luv Donna

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Oh my goodness! i saw it on the news and wondered how you all faired, WOW. We had a massive storm here a few years back and i huddled witht he kids ( Tim was away like Brett!) it was so hard to control my fear and be stong for the kids who were terrified, I was really worried about the situation because it was similar to a storm we had 7 years before that when I had the roof of a 2 story building fall on me! i was at work in a bank at the time , all the staff took off and we left all the money there! mind you we got into trouble for that later, but I was trying to save myself from being crumbled under the rubble! just awful, and I was praying this storm with the kids wouldnt end in the same result. we were safe in the end, outside the house was a fair bit of damage but it was so terrifying. Glad you are all OK, those pictures are amazing!


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