Friday, December 9, 2011

I Want to Remember This...

This is a regular meme that you too can join in with!

I want to remember this...
That Zippi at 2.5 says all the time,
"But Mummy, thas not very fair!" if I won't get the paints out right on dinner time or if I don't grant any request she has really.
Ethi has had less meltdowns.
Liji is having a growth spurt and an increase in meltdowns.
He finished his Math U See Alpha book today and was so proud of himself "woohoooing" around the place that he woke up the baby! Brett took him out for a celebration.
I want to remember that sometimes I think back on friendships lost; especially when the kids are in bed and I have quiet time to think....except I can't think about it too much because it makes me so sad. I do want to remember that though in times to come; that I won't just think I was ok with losing people out of my life but that I will remember it hurt and it was hard and yet Yah got us through. I think about how thankful I am for the strong and supportive friendships that remain. I want to remember that too.
I want to remember the date night I had with Ethi this week; he requested we go to the arcade and play some games like air hockey and car racing together. We did our first photo booth together too.
Stass also redeemed one of her coupons this week which was icecream out with mum. We looked at art works, ate and talked and stayed out a little too late. It was beautiful.
I want to remember the massive nerf gun fights we had out in the backyard this week and how thoroughly we cleaned the house before the landlord inspections!!!
I want to remember sitting out on the driveway enjoying a Mister Whippy icecream each while we chatted and laughed as it all ran down our arms or made a fake milk moustache.
I want to remember how hard balancing life is sometimes. It's beautiful and creative and joyful and also challenging, draining and difficult but I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world.

I want to remember this....that I really love the life I am living  - the ups and downs of it all.


Melanie B said...

Hey Lus
I don't comment so much anymore as I read in google reader, but I love how I read your posts & it speaks to me right where I am at at that moment. I find it so hard to lose friendships too & how homeschooling your kids sets you apart & that you can come under such fire & that is challenging sometimes on a daily basis but the rewards will be so worth it. Thanks for putting it in real terms. Blessings to you & your beautiful family. Mel xxx

Enid said...

Hi Sweetie...I want to remember too..that is one thing I like about blogging/ It will always be there!!

Love ya!!


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