Friday, November 4, 2011

Meeting New Friends

Still catching up on some old posts!

We have met some new friends recently.
Lauren + David Fisher came with their 4 girls to visit.
We enjoyed chatting together and listening to their stories of their nomadic lifestyle.
Whilst we have differences in our beliefs in faith and parenting, we could also find common ground to stand on and from which to share. That's a lovely thing!

The kiddos spent quite a bit of time crafting together...

while the adults shared and chatted (Stass continued her reading marathon)...

Brioni enjoyed playing with some of Stassi's little figurines...

and we continued chatting into the evening after a hearty meal together...

Lego construction was a big favourite...

and the following morning which was my birthday, David + Lauren went to town and brought back with them some delicious pastries to share. How kind! I will remember this birthday brekky for many years to come!

Here I am with Lauren (below) :)

We have a scarf; each hand knitted by different people (thanks Mell for mine I still LOVE it!!!!).  Lauren purchased hers in NZ! Our eldest daughters are also born on the same day and we have the same set of prints in the places we call home :) Common ground with special meaning!
We enjoyed the warmth of their personalities.

Lauren and David, thank you for sharing with us and giving us much to think on!
Bless you guys!

Also this week, one of Lauren's blog readers who also lives in the Mountains, dropped by!
This was the first time we have met Delcie but it feels like I've known her for many years.
We have many friends in common but until now have never crossed paths.
Delcie felt very strongly to come by and visit us but didn't even know where we lived.
So Yah led her to our house.
She has an incredibly interesting story and I really enjoyed listening to her share.

Like us, Delcie does not believe that the Torah (Yah's loving instructions to His children) have been done away with. We are looking forward to spending more time together in the future on Shabbats and during some of the feasts.
I was greatly encouraged today by Delcie's visit. Yah is revealing things to His people all over the world independent of one another!
 Isn't it amazing how Yah can bring together people to encourage one another without programmes or rosters or anything formal being organised? This is what I call 'organic fellowship'!

While Delcie was here, Zippi and Ethi bought books to her.
She took time to read to the children...

...and to listen to Ethi as he talked about NFL and pointed out a favourite page in his book...

Delcie, it was lovely to meet you and we are looking forward to another catch up soon!

More to come,


pakosta said...

thanks for the comment on my blog and for reading~!!! I enjoy learning more and more about homeschooling and it's fun to meet someone else that does it as well!

Mommy Set Free said...

Halleluyah for Yah's devine appointments and for willing ears to hear His voice lead! Shabbat Shalom - Your light shines forth my friend!

lusi said...

Hi Tara! Lovely to *meet* you! I agree; it's so encouraging to meet others who have chosen this path.

Hi Pamela! Thank you for your words; you always know how to send me love through your comments. I send mine to you too x


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