Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girls Weekend Away

 So last weekend, I had my annual mother's group mums weekend away.
This was our 7th one.
About 10 of us go away together and hire out a beach house.
These girls have been like sisters to me over the past 9+ years.
Even though I don't see them all the time now, we still really look forward to our little annual getaway!
It's a time for just the mamas to chill out together (and of course I took little Zeeki too!)
Zippi came along with me before but this time she and the other big kids had a fun weekend with Daddy at home and Zeeki and I had some special bonding time away by the beach.
Here are some snaps...

{Enjoying time together on the beach}

Getting up there normally takes me 2.5 hours. This time it took 6 because of how hard Zeeki finds car travel. Man it was one horrendous trip. He just couldn't calm down AT ALL poor little man. If I'd known  it was going to be that bad, I wouldn't have gone. I thankfully had my friend Jo there with me to help me stay calm and together. I was very thankful for her presence. While we were there at the beach house though, Ezekiel was calm in the pouch and slept with me in the nights. The colic was held at bay thanks to Infacol and some herbal tinctures. He's since be diagnosed with silent reflux and is being treated for that with something else. Anyway, I really enjoyed the quiet times we had together when he was nestled close to me in the Ergo or the Caboo and we walked a bit on the beach.

{The beach house}

{Our Goals Box}

Each year we write in point form where we think we might be the following year. It's kind of like new years resolutions I guess except that we do it in November and we don't open the envelope until the following year on our weekend. We take turns to read these things aloud to the group and say whether or not we think we achieved them. Funny to see some of the same things on peoples' lists year after year. The one that keeps popping up for me each year is to begin work on writing my book. Wonder if I'll have that done next year?!

{Zeeki and I shared a big room and queen size bed together. It was really beautiful and far less stressful than I had anticipated.}

{Looking at the nearest town from our deck at night}

{One morning, Zeeki woke up quite early - like before 6am- and wouldn't get back to sleep so we just went and sat out on the deck and watched the sunrise together}

{Thinking of my Natti and little Seb's life while I was there}

{Enjoying a quick swim}
{ Jo and I making nuttella rice wraps on the way home after stopping 9 times! It was a very emotionally draining experience but I praise Yah that we made it home safely and once again for my friend Jo being such an encouraging support}

Poor Zeeki was no better travelling on the way home. We had to stop so many times on the side of the road, settle him again and then put him back in his seat only for him to get another 10 minutes down the road and crack it once more. Poor baby.

The good news is that we've since travelled further than that 2.5 hour trip and he was quiet the whole way there and back! I put a rolled towel in the lower part of his back, he's now medicated for the silent reflux, plus I sat in the back with him the whole time while Brett drove, we took his seat out the day before the trip and strapped him in it while he was calm and we put some toys near his seat where he can see them...all these things we tried before our latest big trip and they seemed to work...that and prayer! And I am so thankful!

Anyway, I have more posts to share but that'll do for tonight.
Thanks for the recent comments too; a special hi to Lisa!
More to come another time.


singing mama said...

Oh that sounds like such a wonderful time away Lusi!! How special and refreshing!! And I'm so glad you've found out what has being upsetting Zeeki and hope its much better soon. Luv Donna

Melissa said...

B-E-A Utiful xx

Michelle said...

What an amazing time of getting away! So neat that you do this. Sorry that Zeeki had a hard time traveling (ever try nursing in the car? I've had to do that with my babies - it's not too hard if they are in an infant seat. It kinda hurts my back after awhile, but I can nurse baby while we are both strapped in - just leaning over). We travel a lot and it can be hard! So thankful that he is feeling better now. =)

kathy said...

I really feel for you! Silent reflux is so hard on them :( and crying in the car is horrible. I just took ezaria on her first long car trip and it took quite a while longer and many stops-it broke my heart :(
yay for girls weekends away though. Glad it was nice for you :)


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