Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Directions :)

Hi everyone!
How are you all?
Just grabbing a couple of quick seconds to update here with some random thoughts.

1. My blog will be getting a makeover soon! A new name, a new design and new posts about some of the new directions we have been going in as a family...more on this to come! Just feeling like a change! For those who've known me for a while, you'll know this is about my 6th blog and that I enjoy changing things up about once a year or so! I think it's about time!

2. This bubba boy of ours has been very colicky as I mentioned in my previous post...and so (thanks to Channi, Elisa Enid, Donna and Hazel for all their suggestions and support) I have been doing the following to help him:

* PRAYER!!!!
* taking a probiotic daily (Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus)
* eating lacto-fermented sauerkraut that I made, daily
* not eating any wheat/grains
* not eating any dairy
* getting Zeeki adjusted at the chiropractor
* doing a regular baby massage tummy time routine with Ezekiel
* giving the chamomille and catnip glycerite tinctures
* giving Zeek lovely warm showers with Brett when he is really distressed (he LOVES his showers with daddy!)
* We've also started to 'use' EC - ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION with him like we did with Zippi. I think it has really begun to help him!
The past two days have been really great! He is screaming alot less and is not in pain like before for as long so that is really excellent!
Thank you Yah!

3. A very special thank you for the lovely gifts I've received from my blog friends recently...Sarndra, Leah, Donna and Andrew (for the gorgeous outfits and pressies for the older kids - so thoughtful of you!) and Jessy -  Thanks so much for the nappy cake Jess - it was so sweet! Wow you should REALLY CHECK OUT JESSY'S SUPER COOL NAPPY CAKES as gifts for friends! Thanks to you all for your thoughts and kind words that you leave on this blog for me to read :)

4. Congrats to my friend Kathy and her hubby Jay on the birth of their sweet daughter Ezaria; their 7th blessing!

5. The rest of our fam(except me and Stass) have been battling a really nasty gastro bug so we have been laying low. That has afforded me some much needed rest and reading time. I'll be sharing about some of the books down the track.

6. Breastfeeding has been going SO well! Praise YHVH!

7. Zippi is so gentle with Zeeki which is so lovely and quite unexpected to be honest and of course the older kids adore him to bits!

8. It was one month this week since little Sebastian Mardon passed away. He will not be forgotten Nat. Love you x

9. Stassi has been knitting again and doing a great job!

10. Zippi is SO into water colour painting and the bigger kids are LOVING their lego creations.

Um, I'm sure there was more to share but that's about all the time I've got right now! LOL :)

Love to you all my friends,


singing mama said...

Oh Lusi, thats too funny! I am feeling the need for changes in my blog too, in fact I have being writing a post about it since monday that I finally got to post today. Well great minds think alike hey!! Looking forward to seeing your new changes!! and so glad for you that Zeekis colic seems to be settling! Love and hugs! Donna

lusi said...

So funny!!!
Loved seeing your blog changes too mate :-) thanks again for your encouragement and help with zeekis colic.
Love lus x

Nat said...

Good to hear that his colic is settling down a bit, continuing to uphold you in my prayers.
And yay for the EC! You are so dedicated my dear!!
Love you xx
P.S. Our 3 HOUR chat was sooooo good!! I was actually sore for 3 days for sitting badly in the computer chair for so long! Oops!
P.P.S. We applied for a new house today, will hear tomorrow if it goes through!

Andi said...

I love ya, and you make me smile... looking forward to seeing the new look...much love!

lusi said...

It was so lovely to catch up Nat! Sorry you were sore afterwards though :-( love you x

Andi love you too! I've got to catch up on your posts soon...hope life is well with you mate. Much love!

jess said...

Hi Lusi,

Im so happy you recieved the nappy cake! I hope it got to you in one piece! Thanks for linking me too!!!

I hope all your family all get well soon!!

Big Hugs & looking forward to seeing your blog makeover!!

Xx JEss

lusi said...

Hi Jess! Yep all in one beautiful piece thank you! It's just gorgeous - you are very clever! Love to you guys!!!
Lus x

singing mama said...

Oohh loving the changes already!

Stace said...

Love the sound of that!!! Need to change up my blog too, so will be looking to you for ideas ;) hehe!!

I did write to you the other day Lusi to see how you were going and give my congrats on the arrival of Zeeki!! {sp?}
I cant seem to find it though, I hope you got the messages!!?? xx

Anyway, I've started up my blog again... Found my mojo once again and feel great !!!

Love to all, look forward to seeing your changes and hearing from you soon!!

Much Love, Stace xx

lusi said...

Thanks lovely Donna!

Hi Stace! I did get your lovely message before - thankyou so much for your kind words! I hope you are doing well :-) will pop over to your blog and check it all out!

Much love,
Lusi x


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