Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I'll Remember...

What I'll remember about you Brett, on days like today, is what a kind and thoughtful person you are, what an incredibly helpful husband and doting father you are.
I know in years to come my memory bank will be filled to the brim with vague memories of all the incredible things you did as a man, a hubby and a daddy but I thought I'd specifically note it down today for posterity's sake.

Today you:

Woke and tended to Zippi while I fed Zeeki

Went to Coles early to buy cabbages since my mastitis had flared up again suddenly overnight

Brought back hashbrowns to cook up for brekky for us all

Cleaned the bread maker Hazel kindly leant us, milled some wheat and put on a loaf

Cleaned up the vomit when it went all over the kitchen from poor little Zip

Made me a cuppa and sent me back to bed so I could sleep while Zeeki slept

Set up the bigger kids with a Little House movie so you could stay with Zip while she rested

Made lunch for the big kids while I slept

Put on and hung out several loads of washing

Cleaned up more vomit of Zippi's

Made me hot soup when I woke up and brought it into me to eat in the quiet of the bedroom while Ezekiel slept

Showered with Zeeki after changing his nappy and had him pee on you!!!

Made dinner (yummy Tomato, white bean, carrot and zucchini soup served with the yummy fresh bread) while I tried to settle our very unsettled bubba boy in the afternoon hours

Cleaned up more vomit and disinfected and washed more clothes and buckets

Made the bed while I slept on the lounge

Brought me panadol and water

Showered Zippi

Took time to praise kids for their drawings and effort at helping out today

Put the kids to bed after reading Zip her special bedtime story

Woke in the night with me. Took Zeeki while I tried to get Zippi's temp down

Took Zippi to hospital to get the rash (which appeared very quickly)checked out despite being tired and wanting to sleep!!!

Thank you for all you do my mate. We both have our faults but I think we make a good team!

Today, especially, when my own immune system is fighting hard, you did so much without complaint and still managed to laugh with me! Thanks for doing all the stuff that no one but me sees. I appreciate it all and love you my Brett x

More to come another time,
Lus x


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post Lus, I hope you and zip are feeling better very soon, and I hope Brett got some good rest.

Those of us with brilliant husbands understand your post no end.

Much love to you and your fam. Let us know if you need anything xo


caz1975 said...

what a day, hope Zippi is ok!!A man who is there for his family is a treasure indeed!! :-)

Channi said...

onya Brett :)

are things better today? what was wrong with Zip?

Nat said...

He's a wonderful man of God that Spaghetti.

Hope Zip is feeling better today and your mastitis is under control - ouch, poor thing xx

Love your way xx

kathy said...

Wow you have an amazing man there! Hope your all feeling better!

Andi said...

A wonderful post, and what a wonderful husband you are blessed with...may the littles feel better soon! Keep us posted!

Chrissy said...

You are so loved honey. :) :)


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