Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering Sebastian...

Last Sunday, while most of us were celebrating a typical Father's Day, one of my best friend's, NAT, was giving birth to her precious fourth born; her son, Sebastian.

A few months ago, at the routine 18 week scan, Nat and Greg and their other gorgeous kiddos found out that Sebby had a CONGENITAL DISORDER CALLED TRISOMY 18. Nat called me the day after that ultrasound and told me that the news was not good. We were all so shocked. We prayed so much for this little man. It was just a routine scan and yet it picked up something that would change the lives of this precious family forever. Trisomy 18 is a fatal disorder and sadly, last roughly last Friday, Seb passed away in Nat's womb.

That meant that at 34 weeks pregnant, last Sunday, she gave birth to her precious little Sebastian who sadly would not take a breath here on earth. Nat said that Seb's birth was the perfect Father's Day gift as Greg got to hold all four of his children that day. What an incredible thing to be able to say on the hardest day of her life.
I can not begin to imagine the heartache that Nat and Greg and their children have endured over the past few months and especially over this past week. They have gone through so many highs and lows over the course of this journey so far. In the midst of their suffering and pain, they have chosen to cling to God. When they could have turned away, the ran to Him. When they could have cursed Him, they have praised Him. Of course they have also asked Him to give them their boy! We all begged Him to do that. But as NAT WROTE HERE IN THIS POST, Jesus prayed to take the cup of suffering away from him, but desired more than anything that the will of the Father be carried out, "Not my will but yours be done". This has always been Nat's prayer.
Our boys were born one day apart. I will never forget that. I will never forget Sebastian Levi.
My heart is so grieved for this beautiful family and even now as I type this, I can't stop the tears from streaming down my face. How I wish I could fly interstate to be with my Natti. How I wish I could have been there for her this week when her milk came in and when she just wanted nothing more than to hold her sweet little boy. I wish I could have met him too.
Tomorrow is Sebastian's funeral.
I am asking you, my lovely blog readers, to please pray for my best friend Nat and her family.
Please pray for strength and courage for them. Please pray for the comfort of God Almighty to be with them in a very real way. Please pray for their broken hearts. Please pray that God will continue to be glorified and honoured through this, which is the desire of Nat and Greg.
And please, take a moment to remember sweet Sebastian who touched so many lives.

Thanks everyone.
More to come soon,


caz1975 said...

heartbreaking :-(

Sumara said...

Dear Nat and Greg, Sending you lots and lots of love. I wish you peace and strength. I hope tomorrow is a time of peaceful and beautiful sharing about your little angel.

singing mama said...

We are praying for them Lusi!! I can not imagine what she must be walking thru :(. I have visited Nats blog and it's such a beautiful blog about her precious Sebastion. Love and hugs to you too!

Lilacstitcher said...

Beautiful Post to your friends, Lusi. Can only imagine their grief. Praying they will find comfort in the hands of our loving Abba.

Chrissy said...

...and it was truly such a beautiful service Lusi, Sebby is one very loved little bubba. I know how much you wanted to be there sweetie, I gave Natti heaps of *BIG* hugs too(to be honest I found it hard to let her go!) Their steadfast faith through this journey has so touched my heart. God bless them. xx

lusi said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers. Nat said it was a beautiful service.
Thanks Chrissy for letting me know how it went mate. Wish I could have been there too.
Love to you mate,
Lus x

Chrissy said...

It's been a very emotional day... I thought of you and I really felt you were with us in the church honey, I truly did. Love to you too. xx

Kaz said...

I feel overwhelmed at their loss. Smiling at your photos and crying at this story....prayers going their way xx

Nat said...

Thankyou my beautiful girl. I have felt so much love around us in the last few weeks. God is good, and will continue to use my sweet Seb for His good I think.

Anonymous said...

What a tough time to journey through, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. I hadn't directly shared with you Lusi, as you were awaiting the arrival of your new bub, but my friend's lost their daughter a few weeks ago. She was nine months old, survived by her twin sister. There has been no answers medically, but the faith has been a strength for myself and the family during htis time. A funeral for one so young is just heartbreaking. Thankfully we know the love of our God. My mind keeps fleeting to Isaiah 40 which has given me huge strength. Love GG

lusi said...

Dearest G,
So sorry to hear of the loss of your friends little one. What a terribly sad time for you and them. Thinking of you mate.
Love Lus x
Ps: Isaiah 40 is an incredibly powerful, encouraging and challeging passage isn't it?

Mommy Set Free said...

I wept for Nat tonight during our Shabbat Worship as we sang "You give and take away, blessed be your name" My heart goes out her from one momma to another.

Nat said...

Thankyou so much Mommy Set Free xx


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