Saturday, September 3, 2011

41 weeks +1 ...A little Pregnancy Update!

Hi everyone!
So I thought I would pop in for a brief update!
Here's the point form low down of where we are at with this pregnancy...
41 weeks + 1 day today (according to our dates!)
For the past 6 weeks now I've been having strong contractions.
Really strong contractions sometimes and at other times, not as intense - more like mild menstrual cramping.
I also have a history of very quick and extremely intense labours so you can imagine that every time I get one of those strong contractions, I'm wondering if 'this is it!'
I won't go into all the details here but basically, for reasons out of our control, Brett is working alot of the coming two weeks. So I was really hoping bubba might have shown up last week or this weekend rather than when Brett will be at work. My parents WILL be here though staying with us so that is a MASSIVE blessing!!! 
So, with Brett's work situation coupled with the contractions, Hazel thought it might be helpful to come over and give me a pressure point foot rub with some yummy clary sage oil...

I've had three foot massages now from the lovely HAZEL, OUR BEAUTIFUL MIDWIFE. 
On Thursday, she did a stretch and sweep of the membranes and found I was 4cm dialated! We ordered dinner in because we thought full blown labour might begin any second!!! I had lots of irregular contractions but nothing you could time.
Brett rang his sister who came to look after the kiddos because he thought it must be so close! With Zippi, I went from being 3cm dilated to delivering her in 15 minutes so poor guy was quite shocked when we woke that morning and there was still no bubba! lol
Hazel stayed for dinner and once the kids were in bed, we left Brett at home and headed for a walk around our very hilly area thinking that might help the contractions to continue and become more regular. Hazel headed off late that night and I had the best night's sleep I'd had in ages!

On Friday, I had had a show (loss of the cervical mucous plug). Again, in the past, all 4 times I've had the show and then begun VERY STRONG contractions straight away and held a baby in my arms within 4 hours at the very longest from when I had the show!
I cancelled my chiro appointment on Friday and waited for the contractions to build.
I made myself some BIRTHING BLISS HERBAL TEA...

Brett thought it would be a good idea, given my history, to get some of our birthing things ready.
He wheeled out the birthing carts...

...set up the urns...

...brought out the recliner (the next little station I will possibly go to after I've had enough time in the pool and have delivered bubby)...

...and then we waited!
But unlike any other pregnancy and delivery I've experienced, nothing happened!

That afternoon, I thought we should continue on as normal so I wrote up the weekly menu + shopping list and Brett went up the street (with his mobile phone!) to do the shopping.

In the afternoon, Brett's brother stopped in (who lives a number of hours away and we don't get to see that often) and stayed for afternoon tea; some scones I'd baked with the tangerine marmalade - yum!

We got some sad news from some very dear friends of ours on Friday, whom we are thinking of non stop. It is a very clear reminder that only God knows the plans He has for each of our lives.

Hazel had a HUGE day in Sydney on Friday but still swung by our house that night to check on me. She's just so gorgeous and caring!
We used the REBOZO once again and Hazel felt she should stay the night because we all had a feeling it was very close! My gorgeous SIL also stayed the night.

During the early dark hours of Saturday morning, I couldn't sleep and was quite uncomfortable. I had more sporadic contractions that were strong enough to keep me awake but not strong enough to wake everyone up! lol!

I got on my knees with arms outstretched and said to Yah,
"I know that YOU have a plan and purpose and I want to submit to it and not fight it. Help me to know if there's anything I need to do and help me to know how to let you do YOUR thing in YOUR way in YOUR time!"

When I woke up on Shabbat, Hazel suggested we do another stretch and sweep and I'd had the same thing going in my mind! I was now 5cm dialated! Hazel jokingly said that the only thing keeping this baby in still is the bag of waters!
Brett and my SIL looked after the kiddos while Hazel and I headed out for another really long walk up and down some HUGE hills to see if that would once again move the irregular contractions into something more regular.
Still not time!
We spent the rest of yesterday hanging out playing board games, catching up with Brett's folks and then were invited by Hazel and some of the kids to the park for "an impromptu Shabbat afternoon tea"!

It was such lovely weather so we headed out in the afternoon.
Here are some shots from our time together there...

Once home, the slow cooker meal was served by Brett while I had a little nap.
Bubby was hitting my cervix so strongly that I thought once again, my waters could just break any second!
So once the kiddos were in bed, Brett pumped up the pool (but didn't fill it) just in case.
This morning, the pool is deflated again sitting ready to go when the time comes! It's all good practice though, right?!?!
Physically, I'm feeling a bit more tired these past couple of days but I think most of that is because I've had a lot of broken sleep with strong contractions. Prasing Yah though that my back is good (esp the sciatic neve!) and I'm not feeling nauseas or anything like that.
Spiritually, I feel Yah is really wanting to teach me to let go of any notions I've previously had about birth! I think He is wanting me to REALLY trust in Him alone; that it is fine to make plans but when they don't happen the way that I want, I still need to hold fast to Him and know that He is in control! He's taught me this lesson before but I must really need it again! I know that soon our little one will be here with us and honestly, that is such a huge blessing that I am focussing on.
Emotionally, honestly, it is a bit of a roller coaster to think labour could be so close and for bubby not to be here yet BUT I really do know and trust that my loving Father has a perfect time appointed for this little guy's arrival. I feel excited to meet our little one but at the same time incredibly sad for my dear friend who is going through one of the toughest times in her life.
Today is Father's Day and I am blessed to celebrate it with my best friend who is such an awesome daddy to our kiddos!

{Father's Day 2009}

I am thankful also for both my dad and my father in law. Even with their faults, these three men are strong figures in my life whom I love and cherish.
We took Brett's dad out for morning tea at a local cafe this morning, celebrated Brett at home with some special cuddles, cards and gifts and will see my dad this afternoon!
Before I head off, I'll leave you with Psalm 62: 5-8 which I have found very comforting and encouraging!

"Yes, my soul, find rest in God;
my hope comes from him.
Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
My salvation and my honor depend on God;
he is my mighty rock, my refuge.
Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge".
I praise my Father, Yehovah, because He is my salvation, my Rock, my hope, my fortress, my refuge and the One to whom I can pour out my heart!
Well, much love to you my friends in blog land!
Thanks for the prayers, emails, comments, texts and calls - all very encouraging to know we are thought of!
More another time,


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

oh Lusi you poor thing! Sounds like things will really happen fast when it does happen,can't wait to read here on your blog when your little baby is born, thinking of you and your family
love from Leah

Channi said...

thanks so much for the update Lus. You are doing so well!!!

lusi said...

Hi Leah :-) It's all ok...just feel blessed to be able to journey this even during the more challenging stages. Thanks so much for thinking of us :-)

And Channi thank you my friend for your encouragement! Love you!

Lilacstitcher said...

Not sure if my comment went through, so forgive me Lusi if i repeat myself:)
I was very organised to have Yesse, but he came at 42 weeks, unlike the others. I have fast labour/births too, so I really understand what you said.
Im sorry for your dear friend and whatever they are going through.

Bless You! Enjoy the next minutes, hours or days left of holding your precious baby in the secret place before he is delivered safely into your arms. Hazel is such a sweety. That is dedication!

Heidi said...

Thinking of you Lusi! A fast birth is something I have never had. I thought 16 hours was speedy. I know everything will be beautiful for you and little man. :)

singing mama said...

Thinking of you all at this time Lusi. There's so much going on for you. The waiting and anticipation can be a hard thing!! But they are SO worth it all!!!
Luv and hugs Donna

Kaz said...

Just felt the need to check in on your a roller coaster ride you are I write I cant help but wonder if the lil man has arrived...typical male...keeping you waiting.
My thoughts are with you at present Lus, Thinking of you and sending love and blessings your way. Kaz xx

kathy said...

Oh Lusi I know how your feeling. The pre labour has gotten worse for me with each pregnancy! Its so hard to know what going on. Its so hard to trust that Yah does! I'm praying you will have him soon!
My waters normally don't break until delivering the head (except with my first) so I was so surprised when they broke first with Essence. I really needed a sign of when it was it so everyone could get here. I really believe that Yahoo gave me that sign! Everyone made it and she was here 3 hours later. I've had quick ones too but learnt that no matter what we aren't in control and anything can happen!
I'm joining you tomorrow in going 'over' :)

lusi said...

Thanks everyone so much for all your words of encouragement, love and support! Means the world to me!
Love Lus x

lusi said...

Thinking of you lovely Kathy as you get set to meet your little one too! Bet you deliver before me!!! ;-) lol
Much love for whenever that time is that Yah has set out for you to deliver your princess.
Love Lus x

Julie said...

Hang in there, girl!


Michelle said...

My last was so different from my normal too, Lusi! I've been thinking about you, so I am so glad you updated! I will be stalking your blog looking for your announcement. :D Praying for peace, Father's timing and His hand to be continually upon you, bubba, Hazel and your family. ♥

Chrissy said...

Dear Lusi it really is all in His perfect timing hey... I have definitely learnt that. I was 3cm dilated five weeks before my due date and 5cm dilated 3 weeks before Alexander was born... It taught me that God would decide when we would meet our 3rd bubba, I pray you meet your little man so very soon. :) Bless you my friend. xx

Andi said...

Oh Momma....thinking of you so much during this time! Keep us posted!


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