Thursday, May 5, 2011

I love this time of year...

Autumn (fall).

Beautiful colours.

Sweet smells in the air.

Crisp but not freezing.

Light falling in the most gorgeous ways.
I'm just loving drinking in the handiwork of my amazing Creator.

Here's me: nearly 24 weeks + all is going swell well.

I have had days culling + organising + planning, visiting + paper work to fill in + some days working on a special project. Redone some organising solutions we'd had in the hallway and laundry recently. Also labelled book shelves and grouped resource books together by type (finally - been on my list for so long now!) so that we can easily find and put away homeschooling books. This has helped already in such a short time.

Zippi is sleeping MUCH better again (praise Yah for that!) since I've stopped going in to her at night. Brett just goes in and gives her the dummy and she doesn't cry or anything. She's even stopped waking some nights at all which is a HUGE turn around from her waking and staying awake for 5 hours through the wee small hours. Praise Yah!

My back has still been giving me grief some days with this shocking pinched sciatic nerve. Then other days - no sign of the pain at all.

I've begun taking a nerve tonic for vasospasm which I am now convinced is what I've been suffering over the past years. All the symptoms fit and make so much more sense. Am praying this time feeding (nursing) will be different but also realising that vasospasm impacts HUGELY on my feeding ability and experience for a VERY long time. I know Yah will lead and guide me through.

We've been enjoying some special family times at night; bible trivia quizzes, read alouds + multiplication quizzes. The kids love these where you earn points and play together and pick up your score the next night. So sweet.

Hard days some days with behavioural issues to work through. Listening and obeying (my struggle at times too when I don't listen to my Heavenly Father and obey Him!) Sigh. We'll get there though.

Had a lovely visit with my friend Jeneen and her precious family last week. Was a very special time that we all treasured.

Said goodbye to my parents who had visited us again for a few weeks. Hard to see them go but thankful for the precious times we had together; especially celebrating the feasts together for the first time as Torah delighting families.

Brett was crook for a bit with a bug, pulled a muscle in his back and when he recovered had to have 2 teeth emergency-like extracted. So glad we got such a lovely dentist that day - he was super sweet to Brett and even called back the next day to check how Brett was coping with the pain. Good old fashioned service that you don't really get anymore which makes you appreciate it when you do :)

NB: I had this post sitting almost done but unpublished most of last week!

Such is the story of my life!!!

More soon,

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