Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Feast of Unleavened Bread...Day Two

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the second day of our week long feast!
It was not a Sabbath so the day went along like most. We did chores and had playtime but there was still a special feeling about it! These are days that Yehovah set out for us to mark and be mindful of! How cool is that!!!

Some of the activities we went through on Day Two of the feast...

We baked some unleavened food! We made some anzac biscuits (without the bicarb soda) and they still tasted good. A little harder than normal but nice with a cuppa for morning tea time.

I made some honey bread dusted with a little icing sugar as a sweet treat ready for afternoon tea time.

For a snack to accompany lunch, we had some fresh matzah and my favourite salsa which i like to make for dipping during the feast week each year!

Other things we ate on Day Two of the feast...

For Breakfast:
No photo this time! We once again ate oats (porridge) and some of the kids ate cereal.

For Lunch:
Left over pumpkin soup with matzah again to dip - the soup was even better the next day!

Since I'm trying hard to boost my red blood cells before third trimester, I sometimes eat a little red meat steak for lunch. I had mine yesterday with some fried tomatoes from our garden along with some of the salsa and matzah - yummo!

For Dinner:

We ate red beans and rice which is a family favourites kind of recipe I got from a Woman's Weekly cookbook. I made a jalepaeno version for mum and dad - with a lot of spicy kick to it! Forgot to take photos last night!

Other activities and readings we went through on the second day...

Yah was awesome and gave me a great song for us to sing all about this feast of Unleavened Bread. I'm not kidding, within about 10 minutes, I had been given by him the chorus, all three verses. I'd typed it up, called the kids in to learn it and even Zippi was singing part of it after only a couple of sing-throughs!
I'm trying to see if we can record it tomorrow to share but this computer doesn't let you play recorded sound at the moment so will have to try and think of another way around it. I think this song will be sung by our family each day of this feast and each year we celebrate. HalleluYAH! I'd really love to share it with you and your families too so will try and do our best.

The kids coloured in PAGE 6 FROM THIS BOOKLET which says 'Yeshua is the Bread of Life'.

At night after dinner, we introduced the song to mum and dad and Brett. We all sang it through together. Then Brett read aloud to us from 2 Chronicles 30:13-30. I'd picked out these verse since it was about how some of Israel celebrated this feast in a special way during their time in exile. I really loved how the Scriptures record that during this feast there was 'great joy' (v26), singing and music (v21) and how even though some were people were 'unclean' according to the Torah, because of Hezekiah's humble prayer, Yehovah granted favour and grace and healed the people (v18-20). It wasn't that they disreagrded the Torah. Rather, they acknowledged that according to Yah's standard, they could not celebrate and yet because he is ALWAYS first interested in the humble, contrite spirit, he healed the people when Hezekiah cried out on their behalf. And then they celebrated to the best of their ability in keeping with the Torah instructions set out by Yah. Such a great passage!

Everyone is talking about how we are so thankful that Yeshua is the Bread of Life!

With Love,

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