Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ANZAC day, Sand Art, Pancakes, Books and a Little Break!

Yesterday was ANZAC day here in Australia. A day to remember the fallen. I am not a fan of war or conflict (who is right?) but I do believe it is important to understand our history. A time to be mindful of those who lost their lives fighting for freedom for our nation and for other nations too.
It was the first time we'd kind of introduced the kids to the concept of WW1. Since we have been doing more history this year, I decided it would be a good time to do a brief intro.
I made up a little booklet for the kids HERE with excerpts from a couple of differnt sites just giving some basic factual info about the ANZACS. I also found THIS SITE VERY HELPFUL. I printed off a couple of sheets from the bottom of the homepage - counting the poppies, colouring in the wreath + a page on the soldier. Over lunch, we did some of the interactive lessons about women in war, about various styles of uniforms worn over the years and about the historical timeline of which wars Australia has taken part in.
We also took the kids down to town to see if there was a march on but it had finished. They just had a look at the soldiers and then at the memorial. Each child then came to me one by one after lunch to dictate to me a reflective writing piece. I added a little box at the bottom of the page for them to draw a picture of something they saw that day.
We are not trying to glorify war in any way. We are just tyring to introduce them to historical facts that are apart of our nation's colourful history.

Love that the mountains are really showing off all Yah's beautiful artistry!

The kids used these SAND ART PACKS BY MONT MARTE that I had picked up for them last November. We'd been waiting for a really good rainy day for this one when the baby was in bed and that was today! A great homeschooling art lesson!

Making progress...

Finished! They had sooooo much fun with these!

When I was a kid, my dad would make these Fijian style chunky pancakes on a Sunday afternoon for an early dinner. Brett and I were blessed to be able to duck out together for a cuppa and date while mum looked after the kids and dad made these for dinner - a real treat and blessing! 

He even made a special one for Zippi shaped like a butterfly!
How cute!!!

Zip thought it was fab!

We went out to the cafe specifically to chat about a new plan of action to help us overcome Zippi's sleeping (or lack thereof) issues. I've been reading this book and it has got some really good ideas in it. We are implementing a couple now. Last night was a much better night - praise Yah for that!

Here I am today...22 weeks and 3 days...my tummy has really popped out! 

My back is still giving me some grief (have had to use the walking cane a couple of times in the past week) but trying to push through as best we can. I'm loving being pregnant and especially love it when I hear Brett telling people excitedly that we have bubba #5 on the way :) Have run out of my box of Spatone iron water and need to see the natropath this week anyway so will try and do that this coming week. We are seeing our beautiful midwife Hazel in a couple of days too. Today I managed to sort through a whole filing cabinet worth of papers. Feel like we've really tamed the paper beast in our house recently with systems that are actually working. This makes me feel really happy! I've been singing the Zemer Levav songs that I'm hoping will be some of my homebirth music this week. Bubby boy is moving around lots now! Big movements that I can see from the outside. Brett is still yet to feel him move but i don't think that will be too far away. I  found THIS WEBSITE CALLED 'HEBREW BABY' recently and am enjoying reading through some of the info and stories.

Oh and while Brett and I were out for coffee yesterday, we popped into a local charity book fair that is held every long weekend around this time of year. I go every year and forgot it was on this year until we walked past it! We ducked in a picked up some bargain books for the kids for homeschooling. Most of these were only 50 cents! Plenty of great read-aloud-material here!

Thinking I might take a little break from blogging.
Not sure for how long.
Will be back soon, I think.


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

ohh please come back to blogging!!! I will miss reading your posts, please come back soon, I will need to know how Zippi is sleeping and how your little baby is growing!!!!!, if you decide to go private I would love to still read your blog, my email is tl.mcclelland@bigpond.com
Love Leah

singing mama said...

Hello Lovely Lusi :)

I had a quick check of the hebrew baby site and it reminded me that i was actually going to chat with you about nettle tea because I drink it and it is especially good for lower iron which I know you have said you have. Anyways :) I will ring/email/skype you :)
Sounds like you guys are having a some lovely family days!! Praying for you all!
Luv Donna

singing mama said...

Btw beautiful baby belly!!!!!

lusi said...

hi Leah - you are very sweet! I will be back soon. Just needing to get a little organised with a couple of things so taking a breather. You stay well :)

Donna, thanks mate for mentioning the nettle tea. Will get onto that.

Love Lus x

Anonymous said...

Well done teaching your children about the history of our country using some simple information about the sacrifice men and women made in war times.

Sometimes it's not easy knowing how much information to give children but like you said it is important for them to start learning some of the history.

Loved seeing that pretty photo of the autumn trees up your way. I love nature and all the beauty it brings.

Have a good week, from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

faelih said...

Hi Lusi! Love the photos! So many wonderful things. :). I'm sorry to hear your back has been hurting. I really do hope it gets better for you; I will be praying for you!

kathy said...

looking great Lusi :)
Hope your back feels better!

Lee said...

Hey Lusi, hope you are on the mend soon and back blogging - and after seeing those photos of the chunky pancakes I think the blog world (ie me!!) would really love to know how your dad makes them!!!
Take care.
Lee :)

lusi said...

Hi Lee! How are you? I will post that recipe for you very soon! Stay tuned :-)
Love Lusi x

Lee said...

Hey Lusi! We have been battling the horrid gastro bug round here, but everyone seems on the mend now and looking forward to a lovely weekend!
YAY, thank you so much, I can't wait to read the recipe.
Take care and rest up OK!
Lee :)

Sarah Slaven said...

Wow you bog posts are so full, I've been reading through all the feast ones after being sick for a week and I've only just caught up. Do come back I love reading about all your adventures.


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