Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our FIRST egg!!!

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Liji and Brett working together on pulling out all the left over leeks and hosing them down. There were close to 30 in all but they were all woody inside. Any tips on how to get them to be more tender on the inside? I'm still going to use them to make a nice vegie stock to store.
2. Broody girl.
3. Brett extended the chook pen to make a run for them where they can go and scratch into compost heap up the back. They love getting out and playing around in there together. We have to be out there though because there are foxes around here. Brett did a great job on it :)
4. Our first egg - today (8.12.10)
5. Excited son who discovered the egg calling the grandparents to let them know that we had our first egg! Did i mention he was excited?! lol :) Such innocence!
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YahKheena said...

oh, I'd be excited too... :-D

Great news!!


lusi said...

Shalom Yahkheena!
Love to you and your precious family :)
Lusi x


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