Saturday, November 20, 2010

Precious Days - Billy Kart Building!

I know there will be a time when I will look back in the not too distant future, and try hard to still remember what it was like to have all my children at one time under the same roof.

I know that I'll remember how quickly the time flew by and that the tantrums, the tears, the messes, the challenges, the attitudes, the frustrations will be so overshadowed by all the incredibly wonderfully warm memories of family times spent together laughing, singing, praying, picnicing, painting, dancing, reading, climbing, playing, learning, cuddling and building among other things.

Friday was one of those kind of days that I wanted to bottle up, capture and remember forever.

It was rainy + Liji had been asking Brett about one day getting a go kart.

So Brett just said, 'Alright mate, how about you design one for me?' And so he did...

I loved his design...

Off the boys all trotted. They picked up Poppy + told him all about their grand plans + then went to the hardware store together.
When they came back, they were straight into it!
Using new tools...

Ethi using the drill...

Two dads helping out (the boys were very happy and thankful for Pop's help!)...

And of course, trying it out! It's not even fully finished but they all fell in love with it!

Poppy tried it out too :)

And, ahem...well, I didn't want to miss out on the fun either!

Now for the real test. The designer tries it out...

and the verdict is that it is great!!!

Taking it back up the hill ready to...


The boys with their toy!

And chook was not going to miss out on all the action!

These really and truly are precious days that I want to store up in my memory bank forever.
Love Lus x


kathy said...

I love those days! It's hard to think that one day our house will not be filled with children. I get sad just thinking about it! But I know it will happen. Time just seems to be flying. I love your go kart. My boys have been wanting to make one forever I think I might just help them make one!
Lovely memories Lusi :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!!!

As a child my siblings and I had a billy cart as well and we had lots of fun on it. Thanks for sharing, great photos and such a happy vibe to this blog posting. Wishing you many more happy times this coming week. From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

lusi said...

Thanks Kathy and Susan!
Love to you both x

Tara said...

Gorgeous photos, looks like SO much fun.

lusi said...

Thanks Tara! Hope you are well matey! Am sending you my love :)
Lus x


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