Friday, September 17, 2010

Hmmm....thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts....

Well, I didn't get through everything I had on my list (see post below) nor did I think I would. It was pretty big. BUT I did get some other really important things done; like spend time with a broken hearted friend for quite some time over the phone (not u sumi btw) and spent time in person with another dear friend chatting a bit about Sukkot (Tabernacles) and other bits and pieces. I had a visit from 4 of my fave people in our community to bring Liji some gifts and enjoy some cupcakes for his birthday.

Why am I saying all this?

Because I worked so hard all day and as the sun has just gone down I look around and the house is still a mess!

And that is fine with me!

I was reminded tonight by God that 'Mary chose the good part' (luke:42) by just being at Yeshua's feet. I love that place. A place of rest + peace + complete abandonment. That's where I want to permanently live and yet I also know, like many others mums, it is not always easy to strike the balance between Mary + Martha.

Anyway, I say this also because I've decided to give 'Yay it's preparation day' a rest (lol no pun intended).

As we began this journey I enjoyed blog surfing and reading the way other people around the world prepared for Shabbat (Sabbath). I thought my little meme would be a fun way for others to encourage each other BUT i think instead it seems that i'm trying to say how much i get done. It wasn't ever my intention but I think it is coming across that way. I really dislike that kind of thing when I see it in other people and dislike it even more when I see if in myself.

When I realised that today, I thought of shutting down my whole blog. But instead I thought, it is better to face it head on and just acknowledge it + turn away from it.

So, I am sorry if I made you feel anything other than wanting to draw closer to God through my posts. I apologise and ask God for His forgiveness and yours too.

I desire my blog to be a place that encourages and uplifts not a place that brings down any of the good work He is doing in someone else's life. May He be glorified in all our lives.

I'm so VERY thankful for His grace - where would I be without it?
Anyway, I'll leave you with that - heavy heart and all.

Oh and my love too,
Lus x


singing mama said...

Hey Lusi ,
One of the things I love about you is your beautiful thoughtful heart :)
I have enjoyed your preparation day meme, and it inspired me quite a lot, there was not heaviness and comparing myself to you for me.
This is a very thoughtful and loving post and it seems that Yahweh is speaking some things to your heart!
The Mary/Martha thing is something that i struggle with daily!!
Lately we have been beginning our days praying and giving it into YHVH hands and asking Him to lead us even amist our plans. This has meant there has been days where surprising things/people/situations pop up and we just go with it, remembering that He is on control, not us.
It can be a beautiful lesson to learn!!
Love to you
Shabbat Shalom

lusi said...

Thanks beautiful Donna - I was so inspired by your post today.
And it was totally from Him teaching me stuff and prompting my heart, that I wrote my later post. He's so kind isn't He?
Anyway, I totally agree about Him ordering our days - it's why that verse that I included at the bottom of my first post has become so well known to me. I want HIM alone to order my days :)
Love to you dear friend and Shabbat Shalom!
Lus x

Andi said...

I would agree with Donna on the meme, but I totally see and understand where you are coming form, sometimes I would feel stressed if I didn't post about prep day or shabbat....I am glad I turned from that, and it is an ever lasting battle with keeping the things of this world in it's rightful place, and sitting at HIS feet.....Shalom from a more often than not ....Martha.


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