Thursday, November 19, 2009

I sewed another swimming costume!

Ok so don't get distracted by the blanked out face of one of the ladies who came away with us this weekend (not sure she would want her photo on here that's all) but....I made this longer swimming suit for Zip :) The other one we'll use at the indoor pool but this one will be better for out in the hot sun kinda swimming. It's really not such a great job upclose but considering I didn't use a pattern or anything, i reckon it does the job! I used a hidden zipper in the back and some FOE and some swimwear elastic for the neck which looks pretty dodgy up close but hey....10 points for trying hey! lol :) It looks a little tight in this pic but its not really - i think its the way my friend is holding her. happy gorgeous and sun-protected bubba girl :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. The beauty of hindsight
2. Cleaning jobs mostly done for our inspection tomorrow
3. The flu almost gone
4. Cuddles and teachable moments with my kids
5. Brett's risotto

Love Lus x
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Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Lusi, what a clever Mum you are - I haven't even tried swimming costumes, as I had heard that they were really hard and fiddly to make - congratulations.

Jasmine said...

Great job on Zippi's sunsuit :) She's so cute!!!

I love that Planetshakers song you have on your playlist (You're all that I want) - it's my fave worship song right now. I listen to it several times a day lol. It's beautiful...

Love Jas xx

Jo said...

What a cute little girl - those swimmers will keep her safe from the sun. Glad to hear the flu has almost gone - what a horrible time to get sick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lus

Im sick too :( but wanted to say how Zippi looks like a little girl, not baby, in that photo. Where has the time gone. Good job on your sewing clever bean!

Much love

Kaz :)


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