Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's all fun and games....

well that's what the coming months seem to be alot about for us!

I'm organising our very first church picnic (open to our wider community too) with lots of good ol' fashion games like tug-o-war, potato sack races, egg and spoon races, a cake stall (with profits being raised to begin a community fund so that when needs arise we can use money from that to bless and help people from the area). We'll also be having a sausage sizzle.

Anyone else ever organised a church picnic like this? Would love to hear your ideas!

Then we have a joint BABY BLESSING for 3 beautiful women from our church which will be held here in a couple of weekends time. I always make a mini book for each expectant mamma which is then filled with verses of scripture, thoughts and prayers of those attending. I'll be organising a few games for it too but mostly it is a time for us to gather around these ladies, encourage them and pray for them. I love these and it is an honour to have them in our home.

Still not sure about whether or not I will have a 30th. It's getting closer now but we had already decided that if I did have one it would take place a few weeks after my actual birthday (which kinda buys us a bit more time!) The issue I'm having tho is with numbers. How do you invite some people and not others? When we wrote out the first list there were 90 people on it! That's just too many unfortunately but who could we leave off? Aaaarrrgh! Anyone else experience this kind of thing when planning parties? It's the first big party (other than our wedding!) that I've had in the 10 years Brett and I have been together. I'm sure we'll work it out and if not, then it might just end up being a nice quiet evening with our families.

We are off on our annual Mother's Group Family holiday too this month.

Next month i'm supposed to be going on my annual girls weekend away with mg girls but am not sure if zippi and i will.

A fair bit of organising to be done :)

Working out the good vs best things.

More soon,
L x


Kath said...

lots of fun things! church picnic is good idea. happy planning. how many in your mothers group? when did you join - with zippi, or is it a group you've been with for longer?

Leanne said...

What a great project! Hope it all goes well.

lusi said...

Hi Kath! Thanks for dropping by :)
I began attending 'parenting classes' when Stassi was about 6 weeks old. This group turned into our mother's group. We've met together almost every week for the past 7.5 years. Each year just the mums go away and on another weekend the families go away together. This will be the 2nd year that we've gone away as families. We have celebrated each others birthdays, get together every year on first day of school for a luncheon, grieved when some of their parents have passed away, welcomed new babies into the families and supported one another through thick and thin. We have quite a few traditions that we have together too which is lovely. These girls are like my sisters and I feel very blessed to know each one of them.

I reckon being apart of a group like this might be as rare as hens teeth. Would love to hear about others' stories too about their mothers groups.
God bless Kath,
Love Lus x

Foster Fam said...

Hey Lus,
I understand the dilemma about the 30th. Mine is next year and I have already told Mar I want a party... one that I don't have to organize! I wonder if it will actually happen!
Love you!

caz1975 said...

wow that sounds like an amazing mothers group, you are really blessed to have that!!! We go to playgroup at our church and some of the same ladies are part of my Bible study group so we have gotten very close, we've never all escaped together though, what a fabulous idea!!!!!

I organised a camp for 15-25 year old young women back in July that went really well and a lot of the older ladies have been saying they would like one, I've been pondering on it and praying about it but have been distracted by baby stuff so much lately that I lost the inspiration, thanks for reminding me again of what a worthy pursuit it is :-)

caz1975 said...

Oh I forgot to say something the other day about your party dilemma. We had the numbers issue for our engagement party and ended up with almost 150 people on the list which was way too many people to feed on our small budget and there were lots of kids too and we couldn't figure out how to fit all those people somewhere and have room for the kids to play so in the end we had a picnic and it worked great.

We picked a spot with heaps of room for ball games and kids to play etc and people bought sports equipment etc. We got people to birng their own rugs, chairs etc plus their own lunch and drinks and we just supplied dessert. We borrowed a couple of shade gazebos and a couple of trestle tables from church and then brought desset along in eskys which was mostly things that people made so that didn't cost much either.

It was a fabulous day, hardly cost anything and we got to invite everyone on the list!!!! Only hiccup would be if the weather went nasty.

My 30th (which was 4 1/2 years ago now, I'm getting old!) was heaps of fun, had a joint party with my mum who turned 50 the day before and we had a worship and dessert night at the church, then a bit later headed upstairs where I'd set up an 80's themed room and all our non-churchie friends came to that part where we had a good time dancing to the jukebox and all the retro music I love :-)

lusi said...

Hey Carolyn,
Thanks mate for sharing your experiences and ideas! It sounds like those two occassions were GREAT events! Your engagement sounds a lot like our wedding actually. We had a picnic brekky - we were married at 7.30am! - and everyone brought their own picnic rug + basket with utensils so all we supplied was the food. The boys (including Brett in his suit) played basketball on the court there and some people played footy and cricket. It was ace :) The venue was fantastic and we'd go there again except its over an hour away now. We were hoping to do something like that still for my 30th but we thought about the whole if it rains thing. I do love your idea about the worship + dessert evening - that sounds beautiful!
Ok you've given me food for thought mate - thank you!!!
Lots of love,
Lus x

Emily said...

Heya Luci! love to chat on sunday about picnic! I cant wait and happy to help. it's fusion festival fever at the moment...lots of ideas and games i could help out with. maybe chat to you sunday? my email is
love your blog and the story of Zippy's birth. Our God is amazing! love you guys, em.

lusi said...

Hi sweet em!!!
what a lovely surprise to *see* you drop by! My email is not working properly atm mate but i will try and contact you through my webmail account (just doesn't always work unfortunately). Otherwise, will catch ya on Sunday and chat then!
Love you :)
Lus x


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