Sunday, October 11, 2009

Days like today...

make me sad.
There is such a beautiful boy underneath all the aggression, melt downs, and tears.
I have to actually remind myself that he's not always like this.
But days like today can be tough.

More another time :)
L x
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singing mama said...

Praying for you and your precious Eli today Lusi.

Love Donna

lusi said...

Thanks so much mate :)
Love Lus x

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Praying for you and your precious son - sounds as if life is difficult for you sometimes.

Love and blessings,

caz1975 said...

oh Lusi I so understand those days, hang in there!!! May God give you the strength you need to see the beauty underneath in the times when it's hard to.

Jo said...

I know what it is like to have a son who struggles. Yesterday was a bad day for Tristan (who is 21) - he gets so angry and aggressive when he gets stressed and because he is unable to work through the emotions he gets very frustration and struggles to take control. He has an interview on Friday and that has sent him into a panic so to make things a little easier he and I drove the office where he has to go so he knows where he can park and where the front entrance is. I doubt Tristan will ever grow out of this, he just needs people with patience around him. Like you - it makes me very sad to see my own child struggling so much with life.


Jasmine said...

Praying for you & your beautiful boy.
Jas xx

lusi said...

Thanks everyone :) Had a much better arvo with only a couple of small meltdowns.
Really appreciate your prayers and support :)
Love Lus x

Nat said...

Ohh hugs hun. I do understand though, we've been having more and more melt-downs from Jaidyn lately too, and its very emotionally-taxing. Hang in there, and keep giving the burdens to God and asking Him to show you your son through His perfect unconditional loving eyes.
Love you xx

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Lusi. Don't forget they are trying to interpret the world around them as well as their emotions and that makes for one big mess. Believe you me, the good days far outweigh the bad ones.

Just Mon said...

Hi Lusi, lovely to chat today, you and yours are in my prayers,
Mon xxxx


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