Tuesday, July 7, 2009


1. LEM phonics stuff arrived last Friday. I still haven't quite worked it all out yet (help Reb!!!) lol :)
2. Zippi's first family movie outing - i love that i could just breast feed her in the dark of the cinema when she was a little unsettled and that she just fell asleep there really peacefully :)
3. My dad telling Stassi one of his favourite childhood memories as part of an interview she was *conducting* with him as a homeschooling activity. I still love seeing his animated face light up as he recalls *the good old days* back in Fiji :)
So precious :)
Mum and dad came up to mind the kids for the last night of the Alpha Marriage Course that Brett and I have been doing for the past 8 weeks. It's been really wonderful and I would encourage anyone, no matter the state of your marriage, to have a go. Ian + Helen (our pastors and friends) have organised it so beautifully each week with a three course meal, tea + coffee afterwards at our candle lit tables. No group sharing. Interaction between you and your spouse alone. So beautiful :) The last night was a celebration night and we watched the movie which i was raving about on here not that long ago staring Kirk Cameron called 'Fireproof'. Zippi even stayed at home with mum + dad and the expressed milk and we had a real date night of it! There were jaffas, popcorn, sticky date puddings (thanks Karel!!!) and a rich caramel sauce that Em made (and gave me the recipe for - thanks Em!) and berry fruits, icecream and apple strudel! How's that for mouth watering?! It really was a beautiful way to end a fantastic experience :)
4. The pin cushion i made yesterday! I was stoked with it! The kids at the homeschooling group were making one but we missed the class I think and I really needed one before I launch into making any mcn's b/c my pins are going everywhere! I got the step by step idea from a tute on The Long Thread. In other sewing news, Stass is making herself a stuffed cat hopefully will be finished tomorrow. And I was inspired by Mel Goodsell's pajama bag and made one myself. Will post a pic another day. Really happy with it too and might make some up as gifts for people. Yesterday I was ITCHING for a couple of hours to myself which Brett kindly gave me considering it was his RDO and that's what I did with my time! I find that I just need to be creative every now and then other wise I want to scream very loudly from some tall building somewhere! Do you get like that too? Maybe its just me! :)

5 Things I am thankful for today:

1. 1 Corinthians 1:18
2. An amazing time of fellowship + worship today with the last week of the ladies Bible study group meeting in our home
3. Time hanging out with Sharon and being inspired by God through her :)
4. Enjoying dinner with the kids
5. Getting to the bottom of the cyst issue

Love to all,
Lus x
PS: My email is down at the moment so I apologise if anyone has sent one. xox
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Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
We have also completed the Alpha Course, and it was brilliant. :)

I hope that you enjoy the LEM Phonics course, as our children really thrived with it.


lusi said...

Thanks Jillian :) Am not sure that I completley understand it all just yet but need to have a look at it in more detail :)
Thanks for that blog award a while ago - sorry i haven't done it just yet.
God bless you!
Lus x

jodie said...

Hi Lusi, love that photo of your dad with Stassi, how precious is that! My hubby and I sat down and watched Fireproof for the first time the other night and i absolutely loved it...we were both bawling! I wish i could buy a copy for every married person i know!

I just did the get real challenge on my blog...loved playing along with it and can't wait to do the rest of the rooms in our house too... xxjodie

Sumara said...

Yu know Lus, when you use the word "stuff", all I can see is "stuff stuff stuff stuff, stuff stuff stuff stuff!!!!" Aaaagghh!

Sorry, much more to say, but eeep. Will call you when I can.

Sarah Slaven said...

Hay Lusi
Sorry that I haven’t congratulated you on your new baby girl, Zippy is really beautiful just like all of your children. I do still pop in here to see how you are going I love reading about all of your homeschooling adventures the honesty in which you post is amazing.
I’m usually hopeless at commenting on blogs ( a bit shy) but I just had to tell you Glenn and I were at Koorong the other day and I had the Fireproof dvd in my hand wondering if it would be any good but I put it back because I thought it looked corny, now I wish I had bought it. Will have to check your blog before making any dvd related decisions in the future.

lusi said...

Hey sarah!!! Have been thinking of you lately mate but since I'm not on Facebook I wasn't sure how I'd contact you! Am so pleased you left a comment - how are things going? How is your beautiful family? How are you finding 4 kiddos?! Sending my love to you :)
Ps: I know some people who thought Fireproof was a little 'corny' but i really saw God's hand in it all and was very touched by it. I think it is an amazing ministry. I pray that if you get a chance to watch it that God will touch you through it too mate :)
Would love to touch base sometime!
Love Lus x


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