Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i am...

watching THIS and am learning how to use an overlocker (serger) that my friend Emily kindly leant me this week :) Thanks Em! Any tips peeps other than following colours and reading the mannual?!?

5 things I thank the Lord for today:

1. Celebrating another birthday with dad; am so blessed to have both my parents in my life. Thankful for being able to enjoy hanging out with dad and mum and seeing them delight in their family

2. Being able to book our annual family beach holiday today

3. Rach taking the boys for a playdate!

4. 5 love languages book

5. Tissues :)



Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
It's wonderful to be able to make your childrens' clothes. I had a real sense of achievement when I made something for them that looked spectacularly different from the store bought ones.

Carolina said...

LOL Lusi about the tissues, we're very thankful for them also as the whole family is sick with a bit more than the sniffles! Looking forward to some pics of you sewing creations :)

Carolina said...

I forgot to add that you need to update your header with a pic or two of little Zippi *wink*

Anonymous said...

An will definately want to invest in one of these. Other than my camera, it was the best thing I ever bought, especially when the kids were little. I could whip up a pair of pants in around 10 mins. The reversible pants I gave Zippi were made on the overlocker and simply topstitched around the ankles and waistband. I LOVE the overlocker.

Kaz :)

miss~nance said...

My overlocker changed my life when we got one. I dont use it near as much now that Haylee isnt dancing but it is always set up ready to use on my sewing table.

We go through so many tissues in this house due to allergies so I so know what you mean Lusi.

Let me know if your beach holiday is down this way Lusi - we would love to catch up with you. we don't mind traveling for a bit to see you.

lusi said...

Hey Carol - you know I began work on an updated header last week with a pic or two of zippi in it but like most things at the moment, its only half finished! lol :)
thanks for the reminder though! love to you mate!
hi gail, jillian and kaz - thanks for stopping by :)
love lus x


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