Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did you see my pregnancy counter>>>>

We are now in the single-digit countdown until bubba is due (of course I could go over too!)
Such exciting times!!!
Just thought I'd share that :) lol!


Mel Makes Pretty said...

Lusi, wow! Nine days to go till you meet your little princess, SO very exciting! I will be praying for you guys. And I'm sure mum will give me updates as you get closer. *Hugs to you*

Anonymous said...

I've behecking your blog daily to read updates, knowing it may be any I'm now off to Melbourne for study so will be off line for a few days. Besides yourself and Jess, I am waiting on news of one other arrival, currently a week over due, so a big time of anticipation. Love and Prayers, Gail O

Cherie said...

You will be in my thoughts over the next few days Lusi.

Hope all goes well.

Love to all
Cherie xx

Kerrie said...

Lusi, between Clair and yourself, of late all I have been dreaming of is being heaverly pregnant and awaiting to deliver..
So girl friend it looks like I'm there with you both! lol!I bet you wish that it was me too!
Remebering you every night and day,
a scripture I held fast to was
1 Timothy2:15

Love to all

Nicole said...

ohhhhh getting so close now Lus.

Exciting times, much love and happy labour vibes to you.


Chrissy said...

Honey you have been in my thoughts so much over the past few days, it makes me smile knowing that so very soon your precious new life will be here with her family. What a celebration that will be! Feel so excited at the thought...

I pray with all my heart that God bless and watch over you both in the coming days love.

Chrissy x

Sumara said...

Love you Lus! Thinking of you heaps. PLEASE call ANYTIME if there's anything we can help with.

Pete said...

9 days!

How exciting!

Time has flown


mrs boo radley said...

I check back often! Can't wait to "meet" her...and find out her name! I am obsessed with names. I like your other kids' names, so I'm sure I'll like hers too!

Jasmine said...

OH - how exciting!!! Can't wait to hear of her safe arrival :) Praying for you.
Love Jas xx


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