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by MckMama really shows what it is like to have a real living faith in Jesus. Trusting in the Lord, even when things look to be the end, especially when they look to be the end and when they may very well be the end. The end of your child's life. The end of big things. How do we deal with that? On our own, in our own strength I would say we can't. But with God's helping; trusting that His ways - even though we may not understand them - are perfect and that He is in control; this is the core of walking the daily walk with God. She writes, "God is GOD. All I need to do is know God." Knowing ABOUT God is one thing. Many people claim to know about Him. But knowing HIM is a completly different thing altogether.
I can also say from personal experience; through a marriage recovered, an auto immune blood disease that rocked us in every way, through a diagnosis for a child with Autism, through many, many more uncertain times- that DESPITE the circumstances, the LORD was there being GOD, being in control and leading us through the valley of the shadow of death experiences in his perfect love and timing. Our prayers continue for little Stellan.

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to Him be the glory
God answers prayers. Just not always in the way or in the time frame we want. God answers prayers, but the outcome we hope for, and beseech God for, is not always the outcome God has in mind.God hears our prayers. But God still does what He, in His sovereignty, is going to do. He listens to our prayers, hears us each and every time we speak to Him, think to Him, or even groan to Him. God is affected by our prayers and He wants us to pray. But God is still God and our prayers do not change God or His mind, at least not in the way we sometimes think. He knew we were going to pray before we ever prayed. He knows the past, present and future all at once. He listens to our prayers, but our prayers don't change things. God changes things. Yet nothing changes for God, per se. If God changes His mind, because of our fervent prayers (Which He very well, might, so please keep praying!!), it will be something that God already knew would happen. He knew we'd pray. He knows if Stellan is going to live a long life or die soon. We still should pray, still need to pray, but God knows what He is going to do already. And, even if we do storm Heaven on Stellan's behalf, God still may choose to take Stellan home to Heaven. It is our job to communicate with God, to love Him, and, ultimately, to trust that whatever He decides is best. Did you know that prayer can sometimes do amazing things for the one who is praying, too!? Prayer is talking with God. We are to talk to God. If we love Him, and have a relationship with God, we will want to chat with Him, and tell Him how wonderful He is, and beseech Him with our requests.And, in the end, God will do what God alone wants to do. These can be hard thoughts to swallow, and even more difficult concepts to understand fully. And it gives me peace that I cannot fully understand God, or how prayer actually works, or what His will really is.All I need to do is to know God. That is enough for me.See, God is GOD. His ways are higher than mine. I am human, mortal, made of mere flesh and blood. Sure, I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me, and a very capable brain, but I am still made right now for this earth. It is impossible, literally actually honestly impossible, for me to ever (while still treading this earth that is not my ultimate home), understand God in the same way that I can understand a mathematical equation. I believe that Stellan's course has not altered. He had terrible heart problems in the womb, was born with no sign of a problem at all, and now finds himself in the PICU for the exact same heart problem again. The problem from which we were so sure he'd been fully healed. This new situation with our baby is not new for God. He knew this and had this path set in motion for Stellan. Nothing is altered in His book, although to us it can seem like things with Stellan are off course. But God is not taken by surprise that Stellan's heart is sick. God didn't try to heal Stellan completely when he was born, and then now say "Whoops, I guess My healing didn't totally take. Let's see if I can try this again..."But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't keep praying. That also doesn't mean that we might not want to rethink what a miracle really is. It's worth rethinking our concept of miracles performed by God. It's worth considering the idea that even my friend Angie's baby daughter
Audrey and her death were miracles. More on that later, my mind is busy with thoughts about God, praying and miracles, but they are not in post format yet.--------------------------

More soon,
Lus x


Tara said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts on MckMama's post Lusi.

Have been praying for little Stellan since I read the news yesterday.

I say I know God and I trust God, but I also know that I don't always live what I say. I need to know him MORE so I can live for him MORE. Need to nourish myself and my family on his Word MORE because he is SO good.

singing mama said...

hey lovely Lusi,

I have had one of those days and I just read this post and found it so helpful, thought you might like it too.


Luv Donna


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