Friday, November 21, 2008

22.11.08 Snowing

It is actually snowing at our place.
Not just hailing. There was a bit of that earlier on but there are now flakes of snow falling.
In November?
It reminds me that my Creator God is not limited to what *we* say the seasons should look like.
White marshmallows, hot chocolate and cleaning are all part of the order of the day.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. A weather reminder that God is Sovereign. Completely sovereign.
2. Reconciliation; relationships that mend and then are even better than before!
3. That all the kids are noticeably enjoying our reading times together
4. That I can feel the baby fluttering about :) I am almost 19 weeks.
5. Mishell L's help with homeschooling - thanks for all the links and attachments mate! You are a blessing!

Lus x


jacqui jones said...

its cold here too
crazy weather

Zarna said...

I knew there was snow somewhere around, the wind feels so icy here!

Poor charlotte has outgrown all her winter clothes so she's wearing the one outfit over and over lol


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